17 Year-Old Tried To Get Help Before She Was Killed By Her 28-Year Old Boyfriend

Posted On : October 4, 2018

Posted by LaShonda Childs on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Just 2 weeks before her death, LaShonda Childs took to Facebook to discuss the dangers of domestic violence. Childs spoke candidly about the importance of being safe as she opened up about her own pain. What Childs didn’t know is that she would die at the hands of her attacker just before her 18th birthday.

Teen Shooting Victim Tried To Get Help Before Her Tragic Demise:

LaShonda Childs, 17, had a volatile relationship with her ex-boyfriend, 28 year-old Trendell Goodwin. On September 21st, Childs urged her Facebook followers to not ignore signs of domestic violence. In a cry for help, Childs shared that her former boyfriend, Goodwin, had physically abused her.

The entire post said:

All jokes aside tho, everybody want a crazy n**** until he got you hiding & dodging bullets. If you see the signs don’t ignore it y’all. Domestic violence is real not just in movies. This n**** done broke several phones, busted windows out, followed me from my house to wherever, bit me several times, threw me into walls, made me walk places with a gun to my back, put all my stuff in a sewer, held me hostage in a house & didn’t let me leave, sat & waited at abandoned houses & watched me, pulled my whole sew in off leaving bald spots all that, now he done set my hair on fire & shot my house up that ain’t even half the s*** he did but I’m telling y’all that ain’t where it’s at If y’all see the signs don’t ignore it i should’ve left that n**** a long time ago now I ain’t even safe in my own house..

Despite the fact that Goodwin had allegedly done despicable things to Childs such as sat her hair or fire as well as shoot her house up, she forgave him. Realizing that she should have ended their relationship sooner, Childs tried to get away but she didn’t feel safe.

At the time of the post, Goodwin commented that Childs was not telling the truth. In his post, Goodwin mentioned that Childs continued to be in a relationship with him despite her claims of abuse.

If y’all really believe this s*** y’all sick, read a comment by Goodwin. This the 12th or 13th time she said I did something but still coming back. Stop it.

According to My Dayton Daily News, one person commented that Goodwin should let Childs “breathe” and he responded with the following:

I’m a let her breathe today. She better come home tomorrow tho, I gotta big day planned and some good news.

However, Goodwin didn’t let Childs breathe and he didn’t stop until he took her last breath. Childs was shot on Tuesday. In an effort to save her life, LaShonda was taken to Grandview Medical Center after being shot. Tragically, she didn’t make it and she died early Wednesday morning from a gunshot wound to the head. Trendell Goodwin, Childs’ ex-boyfriend, was arrested Tuesday evening. The family of the Dayton, Ohio teen is devastated as Childs was desperately trying to get away from Goodwin.

The Victim’s Family Hopes To Get Justice For Their Loved One:

Nina Childs, LaShonda’s mother, spoke with WHIO TV News to share her devastation over her daughter’s death. Goodwin and LaShonda started dating last September, according to Nina. Shortly after, LaShonda realized Goodwin was not 20, as he initially told her, and Goodwin started showing concerning behavior.Around January and February, Goodwin bit LaShonda hard enough to draw blood. Not only did Goodwin reportedly harass Childs but he harassed her family as well.

He was the type of guy who would call you 70 times a day, Nina said. Nonstop. It was aggravating as well as annoying and scary.

Nina Childs claims that her daughter tried to get help as LaShonda filed for a protection order, but Nina said it was never served because Goodwin kept avoiding it. When the police told her that her daughter had been shot, she knew it was Goodwin as he had stated that he would murder Childs in the past. Nina is hoping and praying that Goodwin spends the rest of his life in prison with no chance at parole.