Three Is A Crowd, Omarion and Fizz Sharing The Same Girl?

Posted On : January 9, 2019

Did Fiz Violate The Bro Code?

Among other laws meant to be a guideline between “bros”, there is that number one, golden rule: “Thou shalt not sleep with your Bro’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriend.” PERIOD! So the question lies, did Lil Fizz violate the Bro Code?

B2K, “the 99 and 2000s” boy band, that had all the ladies going “Bump, bump, bump” recently announced that they would be reuniting for their Millennium Tour. Of course, this is exciting news for many fans that have already started piecing together their FUBU, Apple Bottoms, or Baby Phat outfits. However, other fans are weary and have prophesied that Apryl Jones, Omarion’s ‘baby muva’ is going to jeopardize  the reunion, and ultimately there will be no tour.

For the past few weeks, following Moniece Slaughter’s (Fizz’s ex) Instagram post and comment suggesting Fizz was in Chicago “with Apryl and the kids,”   there has been speculations that Apryl and Omarion’s fellow bandmate, Lil Fizz have been in a relationship, or at the very least, smashing.

Apryl and Fizz Swear They’re Just Buddies and Ol’ Pals

To no surprise, both Apryl and Fizz have adamantly denied the claim, and went great lengths to defend their relationship on LiveStream, but appeared intimately cozied up just the same. Apryl even dropped a music video, called Shoulda Known Betta addressing all the allegations, and low-key dissing Omarion.

So what does Lead Singer, Omarion have to say about the latest drama?

Omarion’s Got An Icebox Where His Heart Use To Be

Omarion is completely unbothered. In a recent interview he revealed that he is not concerned about who his ex hooks up with. When asked about Apryl’s friendship with Fizz, and whether he was cool with that, Omarion stated “She can do whatever she wants to do, she’s a grown woman”. With well known tensions between all of the B2K members throughout the years, and the recent baby mama drama, it would truly be a shocker if the Millennium Tour actually happened.