Tragic Love. 47 Yr-Old Church Deacon Killed By 18 Yr-Old Girlfriend (Video)

Posted On : January 16, 2017

It’s typical for couples to argue but it’s a hard pill to swallow when an argument between lovers ends in the death of another.

Torey Taylor-Gillard, 47was in a relationship with Destiny Garner-White, 18and they seemed pretty happy. Just this past Christmas, he shared with his family and friends that he loved her.

However, something went wrong between the love birds on Monday afternoon.


It hasn’t been shared why Taylor-Gillard was arguing with his girlfriend, Garner-White. Family members were shocked to hear that they were arguing. Friends and family members believed they were in love.

Sometimes people are good at hiding what goes on beyond closed doors.

Neighbors shared that police officers responded to Taylor-Gillard’s Memphis, Tennessee home. However, they weren’t sure why. No one was arrested but witnesses observed Taylor-Gillard and Garner-White speaking with the police.

Another neighbor shared that Taylor-Gillard actually left the home, but, eventually he returned.


Police responded Monday afternoon to discover that Gillard had been allegedly stabbed multiple times by his girlfriend just a few feet away from his 14-year-old daughter. Taylor-Gillard was taken to the hospital, but, sadly he died.

Andrew Gillard, Torey’s father, spoke with WREG and shared his sadness about losing his first born son. Gillard shared that Torey was once a man that lived in the streets but he turned his life around and served the lord.

Calling him a “man of God”, Gillard shared that his son was a father and a deacon at Path Ministries Christian Church.

Garner-White was taken into the custody and remains in jail on no bond.