Actress Niecy Nash Shares How She Keep Things Spicy With Her Husband In The Bedroom

Posted On : June 9, 2018

Actress Niecy Nash recently celebrated her 7th wedding anniversary with her husband, Jay Tucker. The Claws star, who is promoting season two of the popular TNT series, is sharing how wives can keep it spicy in the bedroom. Nash opened up and shares how she keeps it hot with Jay after 7 years.

Here’s How Niecy Nash Keeps Things Spicy In Her Marriage:

Actress Niecy Nash just can’t stop smiling as she has a lot to be happy about. Nash recently celebrated her 7th wedding anniversary with her husband, Jay Tucker. In addition, Nash is the star of the hit TNT summer series Claws, which is back for their second season. To promote Claws, Nash made a surprise appearance at a Claws Pop Up manicure salon that was held in New York City’s Herald Square. While there, the hilarious actress shared how she keeps things interesting in the bedroom.

I play a woman who is so many of my girlfriends, right? On the south side of 40, not married, no kids, trying to navigate these single streets. Not only that, she is a vibrant, full woman having sex for her own pleasure. Not a size two, not wearing her hair straightened out. That woman needed to be on TV. And I’m so happy that I’m the conduit to bring her to the masses.

Nash candidly shared that she didn’t feel sexy in her 20’s or 30’s as she has been open with her weight struggles. Like the character she plays, Nash is living her best life at 40 years old as her husband makes her feel incredibly sexy.

I have to say for me, in my journey, it was greater later. Nobody asked me to be rolling around in the bed as a sexy woman in my 20s. They didn’t even ask in my 30s. They circled when I was well into my 40s. So I feel like it’s funny because where life imitates art, it’s that I feel that in my being. I feel like, “Oo! These are my best days! I’m living my best life in myself, Nash shared.

According to Essence magazine, the 48-year-old actress married Jay Tucker on May 28th in 2011. This is Nash’s second wedding as she was once married for 13 years to Don Nash, an ordained minister, before filing for divorce in June 2007. They have three children: Dominic, Donielle, and Dia. Nash once shared with HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill that she knew that marrying Jay was the right decision.

I know myself, the actress explained. I made a grown woman’s decision this time. I choose very well and I was whole when I made the choice.

To keep things interesting in the bedroom, Nash revealed what she does to keep things spicy.

I actually ask him what hair he wants to see me in! Nash said with a laugh, You want around the way? I will put on that little short pixie cut with some hoops and let you have it. What [do] you feel like today? So really, that’s what I ask him. Like, what girlfriend you want today? You know what I mean? So long, short, dark, colored, what? Something… he always feels like he’s got a new girl!

Niecy Nash looks amazing as she lost 50 pounds in 3 months! With no traditional work out plan, Nash shared that she was able to lose the weight by utilizing self-control.

I didn’t have a traditional workout plan, Niecy told Hit Berry.  I have three children, so I couldn’t work two full-time jobs, then come home and go to the gym for two hours. I ate sensibly and would hula-hoop when I watched TV with my kids. We’d go skating on Saturdays, ride our bikes in the neighborhood and have dance contests,  Nash shared. She also had huge support from her family and friends.

After losing her extra weight and managing to keep it off, Nash has become even hotter. We see you, Niecy!