Tragic. After Agreeing To Let Husband’s Mistress Move In, Wife Decided To Kill Them Instead

Posted On : December 10, 2016

If your wife agrees to let your side piece move in, there may be a catch to it! 

Ann Marie Anastasi ,42, and her husband of 18 years, Anthony Anastasi Jr, 40, were both in a sexual relationship with 25 year-old, Jacqueline Riggs.

The three were enjoying their arrangement so much that the Anastasi family allowed Riggs to move into their basement with them and their 5 children.

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Jacqueline Riggs

However, when Ann was no longer in a sexual relationship with Riggs, her husband continued. That was a problem.

Instead of asking Riggs to move out, Ann Anastasi decided to murder her husband and his mistress but she needed some help.


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Ann Anastasi asked her 13 year-old daughter, Sara Anastasi, and her daughter’s boyfriend, Gabriel Ezekiel Struss, 18, to help her kill her husband and his mistress.

On October 5th of 2015, Anthony Anastasi was found dead in the master bedroom of his home  in Lothian, Maryland of a gunshot wound. Riggs was found in the basement, dead from multiple stab wounds.

Initially, Ann Marie Anastasi tried to make it look as if her husband committed suicide. According to NBC,  she told investigators she heard her husband arguing with Riggs in the basement the night of October 4th.

She said he instructed her not to go into the basement and to get out of the bedroom they shared, locking the door behind him.

The next day, all of her children, except her sick 13 year-old daughter Sara, went to school. Ann Marie and Sara went to the grocery store. When they returned, Ann claims they discovered Anthony dead with the gun next to him.

The police weren’t buying.

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During interviews with Ann and Sara Anastasi, their statements to investigators were found to be “inconsistent and misleading,” according to court documents.

A forensic examination found gunshot residue present on Ann Anastasi and her clothing, charging documents state.

In addition, investigators discovered a text message that involved all 3 suspects referencing to killing 2 people.

On Wednesday, Ann Anastasi pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder for murdering her husband and a live-in mistress. She will be sentenced in March.

The boyfriend, Gabriel Ezekiel Struss, pleaded guilty in June to two counts of first-degree murder and related conspiracy and gun charges.

He will be sentenced on February 14th.

Anastasi’s daughter, Sara Anastasi, was charged as a juvenile. The status of her case was not immediately clear Wednesday afternoon.


Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!