Alicia Keys, Her Husband And His Ex-Wife, Discuss How They “Healed” Their “Blended’ Family

Posted On : October 4, 2018

Once upon a time Alicia Keys, her husband, and her husband’s ex-wife were making the blogs for all the wrong reasons.

“We Love Each Other”

Grammy-winning producer Swizz Beatz married Mashonda Tifrere in 2004. They were divorced in 2010 and in that same year, he married 37-year-old singer Alicia Keys. Together, the couple have two children: Egypt, seven, and Genesis, three.

After Swizz – real name Kasseem Dean – divorced Mashonda, they both admit their relationship was less than healthy – which negatively affected their son Kasseem Jr. 

“He was, you know, acting out in his own little way,'” Mashonda confessed. “He had some issues in school… He wanted to know why I couldn’t go see him at his dad’s, and why can’t his dad come over and see his bedroom at our house.”

Fast forward eight-years later and Mashonda has written a book titled “Blend”. The book documents how they all learnt to co-parent and become “one big beautiful family.”

The trio appeared together Good Morning America, which aired on Wednesday.

“We love each other. I mean, we hang out with each other. We go to dinner together,” Alicia told GMA host Michael Strahan. “We’re doing Thanksgiving, we’re doing the holidays. It is a beautiful partnership. And that is really, really special. I’m very, very proud of that. It’s a real thing and it’s possible.”

They Set Ground Rules

Mashonda’s new book includes a foreword by “Fallen” singer Alicia and a chapter by her 40-year-old husband Swizz.

Alicia explained how setting “ground rules” enabled the family to start building a better relationship.

“Just allowing everybody to have a moment to speak. Not interrupting each other,” she said. “Really praying before we started, so that we can create beautiful energy between us.”

To break the ice, Mashonda invited Alicia to Kasseem’s sixth birthday party, which she now thinks of as a “pivotal moment” in their relationship.

“And not only did she come, but she stayed until the end of the party, and that moment was our first time really hanging out together as a family,” Mashonda says. “And our son saw that and his eyes — you could just see, because for the first time he was like: ‘Wow, they’re all together.'”

Aside from the kids he has with Mashonda and Alicia, Swizz also has three children with three different women: Prince, 17, with Nicole Pierce; Kasseem Dean Jr., 11, with his ex-wife Mashonda Tifrere, 40; and Nicole, 10, with Jahna Sebastian.