After Allegedly Killing His Girlfriend, Man Returned To The Scene Of The Crime With Her Mother

Posted On : June 9, 2018

Davison, Michigan woman Tyesha Kemp was a model citizen and mother as family members stated that she was a woman who did everything right. A devoted mother and nurse, Kemp had a great life with a lot to live for. Tragically, Kemp’s life was take by a man who seemed to be Mr. Right.

Man Facing Murder Charges After Killing His Girlfriend:

On August 22nd, 26 year-old Tyesha Kemp shared on her Facebook page that she was in a relationship with 28 year-old Brandon Scott Merrow. While it’s not clear how long Kemp and Merrow had been dating, the couple seemed to be in love. Judging from their Facebook pages, Merrow and Kemp spent a lot of time together as they seemed totally into one another. Just six weeks ago, Merrow’s father praised their relationship as he too seemed to adore Kemp. Referring to Kemp as his “coco river”, Merrow seemed extremely happy with Kemp. Just 2 weeks ago, he lovingly wrote on Kemp’s Facebook wall that he wondered how he got so lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend. Pictures of Kemp and Merrow painted a picture of happiness and bliss. However, often times, people smile in photos to prevent themselves from crying.

Posted by Brandon Merrow on Friday, May 18, 2018

On June 2nd, an unconscious woman was found on the side of the road. Police officers discovered that the body was Tyesha Kemp. According to WNEM, investigators tried to get Kemp to the hospital quickly as she was still alive. Sadly, police officers learned that Kemp had no pulse. Despite their efforts to revive her, Kemp was not breathing and she was pronounced dead on the scene.  WNEM reports that Kemp’s mother and boyfriend, Brandon Scott Merrow, were at the scene of the crime. While Merrow seemed to be upset about his girlfriend’s death, officers believe that Merrow is responsible for Kemp’s death. Just like arsonists, police officers think that Merrow returned to the scene of the crime in an attempt to cover up the murder of Kemp.

This is an unusual set of facts. I haven’t had anything quite like this before that I can remember. Going back to the scene is something you see more with arson cases instead of a fatal accident case like this, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said.

Investigators Believe That A Man Ran His Girlfriend Over With His Car On Purpose:

Police officers observed that Kemp’s body was physically damaged as if she had been hit by a car. Judging from the condition of Kemp’s body, police officers believe that Kemp was intentionally hit with a vehicle driven by Merrow. Upon being struck by the vehicle, it appears that Kemp was flipped up in the air. She then hit the windshield, rolled around, and then hit the back window breaking that before she went to the ground. Not only was Kemp physically damaged, Merrow’s car was damaged as well.

There’s a lot of physical evidence of her contacting his car right where there’s damage to his car and on the areas where there’s damage we found her clothes, bits of her hair, and she has a bad shoulder laceration that matches up directly with a piece of the car, Leyton stated.

According to WNEM, investigators think that Merrow and Kemp got into an argument. They believe that Kemp tried to leave and this allegedly enraged Merrow. Officers believe that Merrow was angry and purposely ran over Kemp. Merrow has been arrested and charged with the following:

  • First-degree premeditated murder, which is punishable upon conviction by life without parole
  • Failure to stop at the scene of an accident when at fault resulting in death, a 15-year felony
  • Witness intimidation, a 10-year felony
  • Tampering with evidence, a 10-year felony

Posted by Tyesha Kemp on Friday, May 4, 2018

Family Members React To Tyesha Kemp’s Death:

Ereka Bunn, Kemp’s sister, is struggling to deal with her sister’s death. Bunn’s family adopted Kemp at 6-weeks-old and they were incredibly close. Filled with grief and disbelief,  Bunn shared with WNEM that Kemp was very responsible and that she lived for her 2 year-old son, Gavin Gerald.

We were never prepared for this. Tyesha was the one who did everything right. She was the one who had a good credit score, paid her bills on time, took care of her son. So for something like this to happen to her is such a shock, Bunn said.

Tyesha Kemp was a loving and caring person so it’s hard to understand why Merrow would allegedly choose to murder her in such a violent way. We’ll update the story as more information is available.