Apollo Nida’s Fiancee Just Dropped A Bombshell About Their Engagement (Video)

Posted On : January 8, 2017

A few weeks ago, Apollo Nida‘s fiancee, Sherien Almufti, dropped a bombshell about her relationship with Apollo when she was on TMZ Live a few weeks ago.

In a TMZ Live clip, Almufti reveals that she was the one who actually drove Apollo to prison in 2015. Interestingly enough, he was still married to Phaedra Parks at that time.

Almufti stresses the word friend saying that she drove and visited Nida in prison as a friend to ensure that there’s no speculation that she was Apollo’s side chick while he was married.

“I took him there. I had to drive him. […] We were already friends. And I drove him as a friend. I went to visit him as a friend. And you know our friendship flourished to what it is today.”

In addition, she stressed that while their engagement wasn’t traditional, it was engagement nonetheless.

See the clip below:

According to Bossip, while Sherien just posted a small snippet of the interview on her instagram page, in a full interview she revealed that she is not officially engaged to Nida because she didn’t receive a real ring and the paper towel one dissolved.

“I’m gonna marry him when I have that real ring on my finger. As of now I’m his friend, I’m there to support him,” said Sherien. […]

“You can’t say I’m officially engaged to him either. He did wrap some tissue paper around my finger. I could say ‘no, it’s safe to say I’m not engaged. It’s not an official engagement, who knows what’s gonna happen,” said Sherien.

Despite revealing that she’s not officially engaged to Nida, she shared a picture on Instagram stating that she was spending time with her future brother-in-law.

She also shared a video of Nida singing a Christmas song as she revealed that Christmas is his favorite holiday.


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