She Asked A Boy On A Date On Instagram, But She Had Cruel Intentions

Posted On : July 27, 2018

Justin Taylor thought he scored when he saw Maquwell Fleming on Instagram. The pretty 17-year-old had agreed to go on a date with him, and he excitedly went to meet her in a Walmart parking lot. But the romantic rendezvous soon came to a dramatic end when she pointed a gun to his head.

Fleming brazenly took the $160 that Taylor had just earned from his job on July 17.  The incident – which took place in Georgia – took a shocking turn when Fleming entered the backseat of Taylor’s car with a firearm. Then armed with his hard earned cash, she fled the scene.

He Chased Her In His Vehicle


Stunned by his date’s shameless actions, Taylor pursued Fleming’s vehicle. He followed the alleged thief onto Interstate 575 to State Route 92 in Woodstock, Georgia.

The high speed chase only came to an end when police intervened. Cops pulled over Taylor and he frantically told them about the alleged armed robbery, according to

But as Taylor was pulled over by police, Fleming successfully sped away.  

‘He stated that he had just been robbed by somebody he thought he was going on a date with,’ Cobb County police Sgt. Sarah O’Hara said to WSB-TV

‘She hops out of a Dodge Dart, gets in the back of the vehicle, points a gun at him [and] robs him of the $160 that he had just been paid from his job,’ she added.  

They Tracked Down The Vehicle

Cops tracked down the car Fleming was driving found in, but found her mother inside.

The suspect, however, was nowhere to be found. According to a police report, Fleming’s enraged mom turned her in. 

The oblivious woman said she had no idea of her child’s alleged date and robbery plans.

Meanwhile, her daughter is currently in Cobb County Jail without bond. Jail records show she is on a felony charge of armed robbery.