She Asked Her Husband For A Divorce, A Few Hours Later She Was Dead

Posted On : August 20, 2018

ELMONT, N.Y. – Investigators stumbled on a truly grisly scene Saturday, after a husband reportedly shot and killed his own wife.

Patrick Myrthil, 31, then took his own life after allegedly murdering his wife, Tertue Gregoire, 30, at their home in Long Island. 

Authorities say Myrthil snapped and killed his wife after she asked for a divorce.

He Killed Her With A Illegal Firearm

After several reports of gunshots by anxious neighbors, Nassau County police rushed to the couple’s home.

Cops stormed the house in Wellington Road in Elmont at around 11:40 a.m.

There they found the bodies of the once married couple laying dead on the floor. According to detectives, an argument the pair were having quickly escalated out of control after Gregoire told her husband she wanted a a divorce. 

The infuriated husband took out an illegal 9mm handgun and shot her several times, according to News 12 Long Island.

After allegedly taking her life, Myrthil then laid down next to his wife and turned the gun on himself, police said. 

There Was No Prior Domestic Violence Incidents

Patrick Myrthil and Tertue Gregoire were pronounced dead at the scene. According to a Facebook post the couple were married for at least three years. Tertue Gregoire was reportedly from Haiti.  

Myrthil and Gregoire had no domestic violence incidents reported to the police prior to the murder-suicide. 

Officers remained at their home for hours after the murder – suicide, gathering evidence for a thorough investigation.