Attorney Shares How Dating A Man With A Kid, No Income, Or Home Was The Best Decision She Made

Posted On : July 31, 2018

Kandice Guice is not only a successful attorney but she’s a beauty blogger as well. Working for a fortune 500 country, Kandice had the world on her shoulders but she was single. While Guice acknowledged that she didn’t need a man to define her, she was open to dating. Surprisingly, Guice found herself attracted to a man that many women may have passed up.

Posted by Kandice Nicole Guice on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Woman Shared That Dating A Man With No House  And Income Was The Best Decision She Ever Made:

Kandice Guice was the perfect catch. It’s important to note that she didn’t deem herself a catch because she was a beautiful, successful attorney but because of her inner beauty. On the website XO Necole, Kandice Guice shared how she found love as she fell in love with herself. Before meeting her husband, Bakari, Kandice Guice was in a good place in her life. She had a successful career as an attorney and she was traveling the world with her girlfriends. Most importantly, she wasn’t looking for a man as she was happy with herself.

My girls’ trip to Cancun was only a few days away. And frankly, I was on a high from finally understanding that I didn’t need a relationship to make me whole. I was a newly sworn in attorney with a plush job working for a fortune 500 company, traveling the world in my spare time. That within itself was something to be proud of. But even more than that, I was falling madly in love with myself – a lifetime goal finally coming into fruition. I had cause for celebration, Kandice Guice wrote.

When Kandice met Bakari, she wasn’t looking for a relationship, however, she was open to dating. Some women may have thought twice about dating Bakari. While he was attractive, he had a child, no job, and he was living out of his car. However, he had one thing that Kandice valued and that was ambition. In her blog post, Kandice talked about seeing past Bakari’s present situation as she knew that his future looked promising.

He looked me square in my eyes and told me that he’d recently quit his full-time job to take a football coaching internship at a university that was eight hours away, Kandice wrote. I suppose that could’ve been my cue to dismiss myself. Instead, I sat there listening to him lay out his full game plan for reaching his end goal of being a Division 1 Football Coach. He had a clear and definitive timeline, passion in his eyes, and the willingness to make the necessary sacrifices.

Posted by Kandice Nicole Guice on Friday, March 10, 2017

Kandice Didn’t See Her Man As A Scrub But She Saw Him As A Man With A Plan:

Despite the fact that Bakari was living out of his car with no job and a child to raise, Kandice saw past that as she fell in love with him. Kandice was impressed with Bakari’s vision plan as she watched him put his plans into action. What did she do as Bakari was working hard to be a Division 1 Football Coach?  She encouraged him , prayed with him, and cheered him on. Quitting his job to take on a football internship paid off as Bakari was making his dreams come true with a good woman by his side. Bakari got a job as an  Assistant Director of Player Development and he used his salary increase to buy Kandice a ring. They got married on March 4th of 2017 and their wedding was featured in Essence magazine. 

In looking at their marriage, Kandice shared that people get caught up in the fact that they are both attractive, successful people. However, for Kandice and Bakari, people see their glory but they don’t know their story. What is beautiful about the love story of Kandice and Bakari, is that Kandice didn’t focus on the negative things in her potential mate, instead she praised and gave positive attention to the things that she did like. In all the decisions that she made in life, Kandice revealed that dating Bakari was the best one.