Ayesha Curry Regrets How Her Breasts Look After Horrible Plastic Surgery Experience

Posted On : May 15, 2019

Ayesha Curry has been going on a public tour of oversharing ever since her now infamous Red Table Talk appearance premiered last week. And she has had no problems letting people in on very personal stories in hopes that it may help someone else who has experienced what she has. Since unapologetically opening up about anxiety and her own insecurities Ayesha is now tackling a subject many women don’t discuss openly; plastic surgery.

Pride In Yourself

via Working Mother

In a recent interview with Working Mother Ayesha shared important details of how she identifies as a successful businesswoman, wife and mother to three children; newborn son Canon and daughters Riley and Ryan. Growing up in Canada in a racially mixed family Ayesha admitted that she drew the most inspiration from her mother who’s Chinese and Jamaican. Ayesha realizes that in America she is automatically identified as ‘black’ and is raising her daughters to understand their rich African heritage as well.

“They’re fair in complexion, and they’ve said: ‘I’m not black; look at my skin.’ And I said: ‘No, no, no. You’re a black woman. You have melanin. It’s part of who you are. Our descendants are from Africa. This is what that means.’ It’s been a journey teaching them that, and that black comes in many different shades.”

Speaking in regards to image and beauty Ayesha also admitted that shortly after Ryan’s birth in 2015 she began toying with the idea of plastic surgery, a decision that ultimately left her regretting what she’d done to herself.

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