Basketball Wives Star Gloria Govan Was Arrested After Nasty Argument With Ex Matt Barnes

Posted On : September 1, 2018

Co-parenting is not always easy as it can often lead to disputes and nasty custody battles. Gloria Govan, former Basketball Wives reality star, was involved in a nasty dispute with her ex-husband Matt Barnes on Friday that led to her being arrested. Did the police take it too far?

Gloria Govan Arrested For Felony Child Endangerment After Fight With Matt Barnes:

Despite the fact that Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes have both moved on to other people, there is still bad blood between them. According to the Daily Mail, Govan arrived to pick up their twin boys from school and she placed them in her car. The problem is that it was allegedly Matt’s weekend with his sons and he wasn’t trying to give up his time. It appears that Govan arrived to pick up the children 5 minutes early but her ex-husband arrived before she could leave. Apparently, Barnes then approached Govan to inform her that it was his week and he reportedly ordered their boys to get in his car.

She got the children in her car and that’s when Matt showed up and told her it was his weekend for the kids, a source said. Matt told the kids to get out of Gloria’s car and into his.

Govan reportedly became enraged when Barnes put their sons in his vehicle that she was unwillingly to let them go without a fight. She then followed Barnes all while screaming and cussing. Witnesses observed Govan blocking Matt’s car with the kids inside, and that’s when someone called 911. Gloria was arrested for child endangerment and also violating a court order. After police took Gloria to jail, they let Matt take the kids after he showed them paperwork proving that he had custody this weekend. Sigh…..when couldn’t Gloria just let Matt enjoy his time with the kids. Eventually, Govan was let go on a $100,000 bail.

Things between Govan and Barnes haven’t been the best lately as the two endured a bitter divorce. Additionally, Govan being engaged to his former teammate, Derek Fisher, isn’t necessarily helping things.

Matt Barnes And Derek Fisher Were Once At Odds Over Gloria Govan:

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan decided to separate from one another as there were trust issues in their marriage. During their separation, Govan found herself in a relationship with Barnes former Los Angeles Laker’s teammate Derek Fisher. This didn’t seat well with Barnes as he and Fisher once fought. However, the men have decided to end their feud and put family first. While the two former NBA stars are not besties, they are definitely cordial. When Fisher proposed to Govan in April, Barnes congratulated the couple.

I have two beautiful boys from my ex we are both focussing on co-parenting & providing the best atmosphere & childhood for them, Barnes said to TMZ Sports. They love him, so I love it. Despite not seeing eye to eye initially w Derek he & I are on the same page & communicate weekly about Isaiah and Carter. With that being said congrats on the engagement.

Even though Barnes congratulated Fisher and Govan, he is not invited to their wedding. Govan told TMZ Sports that Barnes and Fisher have a rocky relationship. Barnes presence would make everyone feel uncomfortable.

[Matt] and Derek aren’t cool, Govan said to TMZ Sports . They’re cordial. I wouldn’t say ‘beef’ but they don’t talk every week.

Just in case Barnes thought about sending a gift, Govan encouraged him not to as she would throw that gift out.