Beautiful! Louisiana’s Longest Married Couple Shares The Secret To Their Marital Success

Posted On : February 19, 2018

When it comes to love that stands the test of time, Varrie and Lawrence Player are a prime example of what that is. On January 27, the beautiful couple celebrated their 83rd wedding anniversary. Not only is 83 years of marriage a rarity in the world we live in but in the state of Louisiana, it’s more than just rare. It’s one of a kind. According to WAFB, Varrie and Lawrence are considered the longest married couple in the entire state. Talk about #RelationshipGoals.

Eight Decades Together:

It has been reported that the couple met back in 1925. By the time Lawrence turned 21, he and 15-year-old Varrie were happily married.  Over the years, their family has grown tremendously. They went on to have nine children together and are now the grandparents of 35 grandchildren and the great-grandparents to an additional 21. The couple now resides in Benton, LA. For quite some time, the couple has touched the heart of people everywhere.

The Secret To It All:

Since the couple is a rare gem, this isn’t the first time they’ve made headlines. Back in 2015, they were interviewed by The Shreveport Times when they celebrated their 80th anniversary. At the time, the couple was inducted into the Louisiana Family Forum’s Marriage Hall of Fame. During their celebration, they took a moment to offer some wisdom and advice about love and marriage. Lawrence also revealed the secret to their marital success. “All you have to do is be loyal toward each other. Make sure you agree on the things you are doing. Be loyal, and when you plan to do or build something, both need to come along in agreement,” Lawrence said.

Surprisingly, the couple claims they’ve never actually had a fight. “I might have been quarrelsome, but we never had a fight or fuss. I’ve never had a lick. He’s never hit me,” Varrie said. When asked about the scret to achieving happiness in a marriage, Lawrence offered a relatively simple solution: “Treat the other person how you want to be treated.”

Congratulations to Varrie and Lawrence Player!