A Beautiful Mess… Althea Heart Arrested After Going Upside Benzino’s Head

Posted On : February 19, 2018

Benzino’s relationship with Althea Heart has been a beautiful mess since the very beginning–well, maybe not so beautiful. But they found love while taping Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and now share a son. Their union has been volatile as evidenced by a Sunday night altercation that landed with the “Ghetto Love” singer in jail.

TMZ reported that Benzino was at Althea’s home in the San Fernando Valley when they had a falling out. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) responded to a domestic dispute call at the residence where Althea became irate that Benzino would not leave the premises. The situation quickly escalated in spite of police presence and she hit Benzino in the head. The LAPD immediately arrested her and took her into custody.

Althea was charged with misdemeanor battery and spent the night in jail. Bail was set at $20,000 and she posted bond on Monday morning. Benzino either reacted to the incident with an Instagram post (or was maybe just promoting the upcoming video to her single “Beautiful Mess”) that reads, “People are complicated; you put two of them together and it’s generally a mess, but hopefully a beautiful mess.” His caption tagged Althea and producer Scott Storch.

“If you’re going to struggle with anything in life… then make it be for L.O.V.E,” Benzino wrote.

The couple’s efforts to work through their issues have been well-documented through appearances on reality television shows like Marriage Boot Camp and Mary, Mary. TMZ also reported last May that Althea caught Benzino cheating and he even admitted to it on camera.


For the sake of their son, family, friends, and fans all hope that they can get it together. The two have been fighting in court over the paternity of their son and Althea even secured an order of protection against Benzino at one point last year.

Apparently, the two are still in business together as Althea just finished shooting the video for “Beautiful Mess” with Bunji Garlin over the weekend. But considering this setback, Althea is probably thinking the same thing she thought last May after finding out about Benzino’s infidelity: They are gonna have to start all over again.