Beautiful Nigerian Singer And Her Daughter Were Found Dead In Their Million Dollar Home

Posted On : April 6, 2018

Ali Zainab Nielsen, better known as Alizee, was a Nigerian singer who was becoming a rising success as her career was taking off. While Alizee was becoming a star in her own right, she was married to a billionaire, Peter Nielsen.  Alizee and Peter also had a beautiful 4 year-old daughter, Petra Nielsen. Tragically, Alizee and her daughter, Petra, were found dead  in their Banana Island home. Banana Island is one of Nigeria’s most expensive residential area.

Nigerian Singer And Her 4 Year-Old Daughter Were Found Dead:

Before her tragic demise, Ali Zainab Nielsen thanked God on her Instagram page as she celebrated her 29th birthday in January. Her dreams were finally coming true as Alizee was releasing new music as she had was signed to a two year record deal with an Asian record label, Petra Entertainment in the year 2017. Alizee had schedule performances this month and she was over the moon with excitement. Instead of seeing her career flourish, Alizee’s burial plans will be taking place instead of the media rounds and other activities she had planned.

On her birthday, Alizee wrote the following post:

I thank God for this present day…it has not been easy to be sincere from falling to rising and to winning….thanks to everyone for the encouragement, prayers and strength..thank your LORD for another year for new achievement and success…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

According to Naij, Alizee was married to a wealthy Italian billionaire, Peter Nielsen, and they had one 4 year-old daughter, Petra Nielsen. Before her dreams could come to fruition, Alizee and her 4 year-old daughter were found dead in their home Thursday morning and police believe that her husband is responsible for their deaths. The circumstances surrounding their deaths has not been revealed as of yet. According to Vanguardngr, Nielsen has denied culpability of the murder, claiming that he woke up to find the bodies of his wife, Zainab Alizee and their four -year-old daughter Petra in the kitchen. Witnesses say that Alizee and Petra were found in a pool of blood. The manner in which they were killed has not been revealed as of yet. It’s unclear if Peter Nielsen has been arrested.

Late singer Alizee’s management company, Petra Entertainment, released an official statement following the news of her murder.

Petra Entertainment Limited has received with shock news of the sudden demise of our artist Nielsen Zainab Joy (Aged 29) and her daughter Nielsen Petra (Aged 4) at their Banana Island, Lagos home on the 5th of April 2018.

The late Nielsen Zainab Joy (also known as Alizee) was a Nigerian citizen married to Nielsen Peter Schau a Danish citizen resident in Nigeria.

While we exercise restraint in making public comments on the circumstances surrounding the demise of Alizee and her daughter, – in order not to prejudices on-going police investigations –  it has become important to correct some misinformation presently circulating in the media space.

In this regard, we state that the husband of the late Nielsen Zainab Joy who is also the father of the late Nielsen Petra is Nielsen Peter Schau. Nielsen Peter Schau is a Danish citizen and not an Italian or Asian as has been reported by several media outlets.

We call all law enforcement agencies to speedily unravel the circumstances surrounding the demise of these vibrant Nigerians and bring all complicit persons and/or entities to justice.

In the light of reports suggesting that Alizee’s husband may be under Police investigation in connection with these painful deaths, We particularly call on the Nigerian immigration Services to remain vigilant at this time and urge the cooperation of all foreign missions in the country.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the relatives of the late Zainab and Petra.