Beautiful Young Woman Slid Into Michael B. Jordan’s DM And It ‘Worked’!

Posted On : May 7, 2018

In this social media world all your favorite celebrities are accessible.

Everyone has a Instagram account or a Twitter account or both.

So why not slide into the DM’s of Hollywood hearthrob Michael B. Jordan.


Sylvia Learnt Michael Would Be Filming At Her College

It worked for Sylvia Wilson.

The a 21 year old, junior at Temple University took the bold move by sliding into the DM of the Black Panther star.

Sylvia Wilson heard that the actor would be filming in their school and she wanted to take a picture with him.


Sylvia Slid Into Michael’s DM – And It Worked!

She started joking to her friends about sliding into his DM on Instagram. But she later gathered the courage and sent him a message asking him if she could get him a smoothie.


He Couldn’t Have Been Nicer

Sylvia couldn’t believe her luck when Jordan actually replied to her message. 

In an interview with BuzzFeed Sylvia said: “It was hot, and I didn’t think it’d be appropriate to ask to buy him a drink, so I opted for a smoothie. He was so sweet and nice. He was more than happy to take pictures with me and my friends that came with me.”