Woman Sets BF On Fire, Extinguishes Flames With Her Urine

Posted On : July 12, 2017

A Pennsylvania woman was recently arrested after allegedly setting her boyfriend on fire in her parents’ basement. Here are the details.

PENN HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA — According to CBS – Pittsburgh, 38-year-old Leigh Ann Sepelyak allegedly got into an argument with boyfriend Grady Spencer at her parents’ Lime Hollow Road residence.

After the fight, Fox News says Spencer laid down and went to sleep. However, he was awakened by flames scorching his body. The source notes that Sepelyak doused her boyfriend with gasoline while he slept, then she allegedly lit him afire with a cigarette.

CBS – Pittsburgh reports Penn Hills police chief Howard Burton as follows.

“Apparently, when this argument was over, the boyfriend went to sleep on the mattress. They live in the basement, and for some reason, the young lady decided to dump gasoline on him and set him on fire.”

All of his lower body, according to WTAE-4 News.

Yet, like the police chief said, the couple lives in the girlfriend’s parents’ basement.

In order to keep from bothering her parents, they also have their own bathroom facility in the area.

However, it’s not what you think.

CBS reports that the couple used a bucket for urine. And coincidentally, this is what she used to extinguish the flames.

According to the source Penn Hills police mentioned that Spencer was taken to UPMC Mercy with burns to 25 – 30 percent of his body. The source also says he was in critical condition on Sunday. However, his injuries aren’t life-threatening.

KDKA‘s Lisa Washington says she visited the home on Tuesday morning, where the incident happened. She notes that a mattress and a box spring were near the curb. Likewise, after speaking with the girlfriend’s mother, the woman mentioned that the boyfriend simply fell asleep with a cigarette, rather than being set on fire.

In addition, the boyfriend supposedly contacted KDKA as well via email. CBS – Pittsburgh reports the email as follows.

“I was tinkering with a weed wacker on my bed, drunk as a skunk. I gassed it up, spilled it on myself… Lit a cig, laid back on the bed and I went up in flames… If she didn’t pull it out, it would have been worse.”

This is a lot different than the police statement.

Nevertheless, the girlfriend was taken to Allegheny County Jail on Sunday. She soon posted bail on Monday.

She’s facing multiple charges, including attempted homicide and arson. The source notes that a preliminary hearing is set for July 17.

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