Black Couple Find Success With Their “Shrimp Lips” Food Truck Business

Posted On : June 26, 2018
Shrimp Lips

Hands up who loves shrimp?

If you’re a fan of the crusty crustacean you may want to look up Doe and Johnny Carter. They are the founders of one of the most popular food trucks in the country.  The loving black couple are based in Columbus, Ohio and are the proud owners of Shrimp Lips. 

They pride themselves in making their food with the freshest of ingredients. They have their seafood shipped in directly from the Gulf of Mexico, to the delight of their customers. 

A Family Who Loves Food

Doe and Johnny say they have a “classic southern approach” when it comes to seasoning their creations. Their devoted clientele love the couple’s smooth rich garlic butter sauce that is drizzled on top of each dish. As well as being culinary entrepreneurs, the Carters have three children, all whom they have passed on their love of seafood. 

Their eldest son owns a company in Pensacola Florida called “Big Al’s Crabs”, another one of their son’s owns another trendy seafood establishment in Bowie, Maryland know as “The CrabBoss.”

Meanwhile their daughter is the owner of  a thriving seafood business called “The Seafood Lady.”

Their Relationship Is Based On Strength News, Weather & Sports

Doe and Johnny say their relationship is built off of strength and understanding. They believe in cooking the very best food for each and every one of their customers.

And their customers agree, as their online reviews are extremely positive.

‘I have introduced Shrimp Lips to my mom and she said that was the best shrimp she has ever had!’ one fan wrote. 

‘My husband and I and our son love the food from here! I would recommend it to any and everybody. The food is amazing and the owner is doing her thing!’ another said.

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