Woman Defends Her Marriage To 90-Year-Old Husband On Social Media

Posted On : June 6, 2018

A Ghanian woman has gone viral after sharing pictures of her much older white husband.

The lady – identified as Ashlorm on Instagram – recently shared photos of herself and her beau of 13 years. 

She Was Mocked Online

Am A Living Testimony And A Walking Wonder For God’s Glory. Those Who Were Seen Dancing Were Thought To Be Insane By Those Who Could Not Hear The Music ??? The Man That Tickles My Fancy And Makes My Stomach Full Of Butterflies. My Lollipop Who Has A Heart Of Patience To Wait And See Me A Better Woman That I Am Today. Am Blessed And He Is Blessed To Have A Woman Of God As His Wife. All the Glory To God ?????????????????? Transformed To Shine For God’s Glory.

She was mocked on social media by trolls for her choice of man. In response, Ashlorm defended her love for her man and shared even more photos of them together.

It all started when Ashlorm shared photos of her husband’s only brother who recently died. In paying tribute, she put up a post on her social media page consoling her man over the lost of his sibling.

She Defended Her Marriage

Many may be surprised, but she’s been married to her husband for 13 years. It seems she is confident in her love and relationship with her husband.

The Comments Roll In:

abioduniyeoluWisdom – encapsulated sister, you chose love over age , peace over handsomeness , genuine care over ephemera ! You are a gem ! I love you guys love story, it uniquely superb& blessed ! I wish you both more of fruitful ,happy years ahead !

godsdea@ashlorm I don’t mean to b disrespectful. Actually my friend is in love with an older guy too but worried about sex life now and in the future and yes We know nobody knows who will go first but in regards to age worried he will die and leave her etc

aysmama24@ashlorm what do his kids think about you marrying him?

Her Response Sums It Up:

ashlorm @godsdea He or she has to Follow Love and not what the man can offer. My life is a book kindly go on T2SHYNE TV on YouTube to listen to some of my stories. Mathew 6:33. Mathew 6:19-20. Kindly read those scriptures

A troll then questioned if that was her husband and why she would date an older gentleman. The young woman replied, saying: “Yes my love, my heartbeat and everything. We’ve been married for almost 13years.”