Unorthodox Book Designed To Help You Quickly Move Pass Your Ex

Posted On : June 5, 2017

Sometimes, it’s hard letting go of your ex. When you need help, this particular book is one that could do the trick. It’s called “Fvck Him.”

This book, alone, is approaching 55,000 followers on Instagram. Nancy Beauplan, the series’ creator, has published various editions to the “Fvck Him” collection.

Unorthodox Book Designed To Help You Quickly Move Pass Your Ex - Nancy Beauplan
This is Nancy B., author of the “Fvck Him” series.

According to the official website, the series caters to people who are going through recent breakups or who believe they’re being played.

In her first book, “Fvck Him: Don’t Be Bitter, Get Better & Make Money,” Nancy B. says this is far beyond any traditional breakup book. According to an excerpt on her website, she mentions as follows.

“From learning how to win the breakup, loving yourself like never before, overcoming the adversities as a single mother, and setting a solid foundation for you and your future, this book is an electrifying way that will show you how to move forward, upgrade your life and attract TRUE love.”

Then, she’s not done.

She comes back with a second installment called “Fvck Him 2: Girl, He’s Playing You — Your Guide to His Playbook.” Nancy B. says in this book, you’ll learn as follows.

“You will get a breakdown of…all of the players in the dating game, all of the red flags to look out for and how to avoid getting played. Then you will learn…how to gain the courage to open yourself up to love again, how to toughen up & stand your ground so you can get what you want out of a relationship. And lastly you will explore how to change the game, so the ball is always in your court.”

Beauplan says she’s on a “quest to empower girls.”

“You deserve to shine bright like the star you are. Stop playing it safe and get bold and fearless about your life.”

Nancy B. is living proof of practicing what she preaches. According to her website, she’s also the jewelry designer behind “Rosy Mickey.” Such celebrities as Mya, Stephanie George, and Renée Bhagwandeen have worn pieces from her collection during events and appearances.

She’s also the founder of the Boss Chick Academy. It’s an online community whose focus is to “kick fear in the face and get things done,” notes her website.

And given her success, she’s a leader who can show women the way and inspire millions.

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