Boxer Terence Crawford’s Baby Mama Beat Up His Side Chick (Video)

Posted On : March 8, 2017



Boxing champ, Terence Bud Crawford, is normally in the ring fighting fellow opponents, however, this time he played the role as referee as he stood aside while 2 women fought.

Main Chick Vs. Side Chick 

On Saturday, Crawford allegedly accompanied his baby mother and long-time girlfriend, Alindra Person, to Citi Trends to fight his alleged side chick, a woman named Mystery Wakefield. According to Vlad TV, Wakefield works as the clothing store in Omaha, Nebraska.

While she was at work, Wakefield claims that 2 women showed up at her job on Tuesday, March 7th with the intentions of fighting her. Wakefield informed the ladies that she would be ready when she got off work. Then, Person arrived to her job as well looking to fight her. Person allegedly waited in the parking lot after Wakefield got off. It appears that the first set of women are friends or associates of Person, however, that has not been confirmed.

Terence Crawford and his girlfriend, Alindra Person

Sitting On Ready 

The altercation was captured on video by an unidentified woman who narrated the video sharing that she came to Citi Trends on a good day. In the video, the woman states that Bud’s baby momma was there to fight. Crawford’s nickname is Bud.

Around 1 p.m., Wakefield is off and in the parking lot with Person ready to fight. As the fight ensues, a couple of cars pulled up and Crawford was seen exiting one of them and interjecting himself into the conflict.

The video doesn’t show Crawford engaging in the fight, however, he was arrested a few blocks away. Police confirmed that his vehicle was stopped as a direct result of a call they had received about the fight.

A gun was found inside the vehicle and he was taken to a nearby station for questioning. He was later released with no charges.


Some reports have indicated that the woman fighting Wakefield was actually Crawford’s sister, Iesha Crawford. However, many people have indicated that the woman fighting was indeed Person. Alindra Person and Terence Crawford have 5 children together. Recently, he put on Facebook that he was single.


This story is still developing as it is still unclear why the fight began.

See the fight below:

Watch news footage on this story below:

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