Brandy and Sonja Norwood Praise Ray J, But Princess Love Reveals Shocking News

Posted On : January 23, 2018

There is an old quote that says, getting married is easy but staying married is hard. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars, Princess Love and Ray J are going through it. It all started when Princess Love posted a meme, that has since been deleted, that implied that Ray J was possibly unfaithful. On her Instagram page, in black and white letters, Princess Love posted a meme that left many of her followers wondering if her marriage with Ray J is in trouble. In addition to the meme, Princess posted a caption alluding to the fact that she was no longer able to be fooled. Many people wondered if she was talking about Ray J.

While Princess Love never stated why she was upset with Ray J, many people believe that Princess was upset when a video surfaced of Ray J in a hotel room. In the video, Ray J is seen walking around in a towel as many people believe that a woman was seen in the video. Now, this has been debated as many people felt like Ray J wasn’t that stupid. However, many social media followers were adamant that a woman was indeed in the shower. Additionally, some people claim to have seen a woman in a red robe.

While airing their problems on social media, Princess Love posted another meme stating that people shouldn’t take sides in an argument especially if they know nothing about the argument. Princess didn’t state who she was referring to but it appears that she may have been referencing her in-laws, Brandy and Sonja Norwood. Well, one of Princess’ followers, @athoughtaday_17, encouraged Princess to stop airing her business on social media and to discuss her problems with Ray in private. Princess responded that she would love to take her advice but she’s been unable to do as she revealed that she had not seen her husband in a week.


On his Instagram page, Ray J appears to be a private plane, alone, as he stares out of a window. He took to Instagram to post his internal thoughts which informs fans that he’s doing everything right and that he has not been unfaithful to his wife. Ray J shared that he was not going to allow anyone to break him down and that he was going to keep God first. Letting the world know that she has his back, Ray J’s sister Brandy reposted his photo stating that she knows the man that Ray J is.


#Repost @rayj ・・・ God is in control of everything Ray- dont let this negative energy get 2 you Ray- You are doing everything right – from being faithful – staying focused on the goal and treating everyone with respect and love Ray- Dont let the devil try to come into your world and break you down- Be the best father on the Planet! – Pray 4 all those who want to bring you down Ray- and show them even more love to let them know how LOVE overpowers all- Keep God first – be patient in your relationship – Listen and learn Ray – stay on your postive path to greatness – but most of all stand up for what you believe in Ray #ThoughtsToSelf So proud of the man you have become. I know who you are. Honor to be your sis

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Standing by her son’s side, Fameolous shared a post that appears to be Sonja Norwood’s page where she too shared that she was proud of Ray J. Tagging Ray J in the post and urging her followers to go to his page, Mrs. Norwood stated that false public accusations deserve a public apology. It sounds as if she’s insinuating that Princess Love should apology to Ray J publicly.

This is too much. Let’s hope Ray J was headed home to his wife so that they can work out their issues and prepare for their new baby.