She Broke Up With Her Husband By Text…Then He Decided To Get His Murderous Revenge…

Posted On : April 26, 2018

It’s never easy being dumped. But guess what? You cry, eat a whole tub of Haagen Dazs, watch a sad movie – then you put on your big girl/boy pants and move the hell on!

But for Beresford Ashley, he wasn’t going to take his dumpation lying down. Now not only has he taken a life, he’s ruined his own.

The Brooklyn man slashed his estranged wife’s throat and has now been sentenced to 25 years to life behind bars.

The 48-year-old was found guilty by a jury late last year of fatally stabbing former partner Karen Bartley. He slashed the poor woman’s throat as she sat in her car with her foot still on the break.

She had just pulled up to a friend’s house after leaving work.

During the trial it emerged that Ashley had arrived at the nursing home Ms Bartley worked at on September 13, 2016. The 45-year-old woman saw him and returned to the building. She was then escorted to her car by security.

Ms Bartley, formerly known as Karen Ashley, drove to her friends house nearby.

But tragically her ex pulled up 10 minutes later, blocked her exit with his car and climbed into her back seat.

He then viciously stabbed her multiple times and ‘cut her throat from side to side’, a statement from the District Attorney’s office said.

Ashley fled the scene as the friend she came to see ran out to see the horrific scene. 

She called 911 but they were unable to save her.

In the early hours of September 14, Ashley attended the 78th precinct station with a bleeding hand.

He told officers he’d argued with his wife and may have committed an offence. 

Ms Bartley’s friend, Diane Russell, testified against Ashley during his trial, New York Daily News reported.

She told the court Ms Bartley had called and sounded ‘trembling and scared’ as she said Ashley was stalking her.

Ms Russell claimed Ashley decided to kill his estranged partner because of the way she ended their relationship. 

‘He felt disrespected because she broke up with him over text and she needs to break up with him in person,’ she said.

Evidence in court showed blood in Karen’s car was a mix of her and Ashley’s DNA.

Both strains were also found on Ashley’s t-shirt.  

Speaking to reporters outside court on Wednesday, Ms Bartley’s daughter, Shanice Wright, told reporters no jail sentence would heal their pain.   

‘She was my mother and I won’t get another one,’ Ms Wright said.

‘This man took everything from me. I don’t know how to function at times with knowing he murdered her.’

In a press conference Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said Beresford ‘has now been held accountable for his cowardly actions and will spend many years in prison,’ he said.