Brother’s Love: T-Pain Shares An Incredibly High Bill He Paid For His Brother

Posted On : December 29, 2018

Brother’s Love: T-Pain Shares An Outstanding Bill He Paid For His Brother

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from producer rapper T-Pain. He’s back in the news but not for new music. T-Pain is trending because of an outstanding medical bill he paid for his brother. Not only does T-Pain have love for strippers, it appears that he has a lot of love for his family. Known to his family as Faheem Najm, the Tallahassee star is one of five siblings. With a strong matriarch, T-Pain is incredibly close with his siblings.

People magazine revealed that the rapper shared on Instagram that his dear brother was in need of help and he didn’t think twice about footing the bill because he’s got money in the bank. Fans learned from his Instagram account that his brother was in two hospital for 1 month and acquired some hefty charges. While T-Pain didn’t share the current condition of his brother or what had landed him in the hospital in the first place, it’s sure clear that his holiday wish came true. Upon T-Pain revealing the costs of his brother’s medical bills, it serves as a sad reminder for the uninsured who don’t have wealthy siblings.

Sharing his brother’s medical bills, highlight a bigger problem than building a wall. Sadly, many people simply can’t afford to get sick and in fact former President Barack Obama once said, “The cost of health care now causes a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds.”

T-Pain’s Brother’s Hospital Bill Is Unbelievable >>>

T-Pain definitely has proven that he is his brother’s keeper. On Instagram, he shared that that his brother’s medical bills totaled more than $1.4 million.

“I first wanna say thank you to all the ppl that were involved in keeping my brother alive,” T-pain wrote, sharing the complete cost of $1,402,977. I can’t express enough gratitude to the medical staff that kept my family whole.  My brother was in two hospitals for a total of a month and some change. Just got the bills 🤦🏿‍♂️.”

Again, T-Pain did not disclose his brother’s illness. However, his mother, has been vocal about her son’s illness as she has asked for prayers.

T-Pain’s Brother Has Been Battling An Illness For Some Time

Mama Pain, T-Pain’s mother, has served as her son Rasheed’s caregiver for many years. Rasheed has been on dialysis and recently suffered some medical setbacks. It appears that Rasheed had a second stroke but is on the road to recovery. According to Mama Pain, her son Rasheed is having difficulty talking and moving. At one point, Rasheed was too weak for open heart surgery. His family had been at his side as they prayed that he recovered.

Things Looked Bleak, But T-Pain’s Brother Is Fighting For His Life:

Rasheed, brother of T-Pain, has endured a lot. However, his has a strong support system that includes his brother as well as his mother. Mama Pain shared on her Instagram page that her son Rasheed had been through a lot since October 14th. She shared that he had 2 strokes, seizures, pneumonia, brain and heart blood clots, blood infection, open heart surgery and is still having dialysis treatments. Never leaving his side, Mama Pain has remained as her son’s number one supporter and caregiver.

It’s not surprising that T-pain stepped up to help his brother as he was encouraged by his mother to help those in need.

T-Pain’s Mother Encouraged Him To Use His Celebrity Status To Help Others:

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T-Pain had very humble beginnings. To this day, it is still shocking to his mother, Aliyah “Mama Pain” Najm, that her son is so famous. However, Mama Pain, has always stressed to her son the importance of giving back.

“We never imagined that he would come out of Tallahassee and be the person that he is today,” Mama Pain shared with CBS News.

Upon T-Pain’s career taking off, he moved his mother and the entire family to Atlanta. While there, Mama Pain discovered that she could be more than just T-Pain’s mother. After taking care of one of her children, Mama Pain thought about other ways that she and T-Pain could help other children.

T-Pain’s Mother Discovered A Way To Use Her Celebrity Status To Help Others

After Aliyah “Mama Pain” Najm became wealthy, she didn’t allow money to change her. In fact, she wanted to use her money to impact the lives of others. Shortly after the entire family moved to Atlanta, Mama Pain began taking care of her son. Taking care of her son was a lot of work which led Mama Pain to think about other family members who face medical challenges.

“So, my son came to move with me and he got sick and I started being his caregiver, she explained. Just imagine if my son had to go to dialysis 3 times a week and I had a full-time job and had to take care of grand kids and things of that nature,” said Mama Pain

The Mother Of Five And Grandmother Of 19 Kids Decided Something Needed To Be Done

Using her celebrity status, Mama Pain started the nonprofit organization called Caregivers 911. It provides caregivers with much needed help.

“Being a caregiver, you get caught up in taking care of the person that’s sick and you neglect yourself,” said Mama Pain. In order for me to do it somebody had to have money so I always based it on that, said Mama Pain. God knew that our family was going to get to this point to where we were going to need support and, of course, with him having the talent that he has he became who he was and he takes care if his family he really does.”

T-Pain And His Mom Are All About Helping Others:

CareGivers 911, Inc. was founded in 2011 when Aliyah Najm sought to create an outlet that gives individuals battling with terminal illnesses the opportunity to thrive. The organization works hard to “assist, inspire, encourage, motivate and educate individuals responsible for the care of individuals with terminal or life-long illnesses” through various programs and community-based events.

Not only has Mama Pain helped those with medical challenges, she also worked hard to ensure that needy children received toys.

T-Pain Has A Big Heart Like His Mama

While nursing her son Rasheed back to good health, Mama Pain stopped to ensure that needy children had toys for Christmas. Giving back for Christmas, Mama Pain worked hard to ensure 85 foster children would have a memorable Christmas.

Wow, talk about a caring person! Our prayers and thoughts go out to T-Pain and his family.