Cardi B and Husband Offset Drop $200K on Half the Block in Atlanta, Something Huge Is Coming

Posted On : April 6, 2019

Cardi and Offset

Cardi B. and her husband Offset are not only attached through marriage and a child but also property. In a Daily Mail exclusive, it’s revealed that the dynamic rapping couple has purchased a strip of land with 5 homes, and another home a couple of blocks over in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Neighborhoods in Atlanta and greater the Atlanta area is experiencing a lot of gentrification and growth. Home values have risen and poor areas are now being sought after locations and mix-used communities.

The couple paid  $201,840 for the five houses and a plot of land in a row on a leafy street in Jonesboro. The pair also paid $48,080 for a plot of land a few streets away in the deal which went through in January, when they were supposed to be on a break.

But the developer from whom they bought the homes and land has no idea what their intentions with the properties are.

Clayton County Property records show that Cardi B, 26, is listed as an ‘additional buyer’ under her real name, Belcalis Almánzar. Offset, 27, who is part of the hip hop group Migos, is listed as the main buyer under his real name, Kiari Cephus.

One of the properties cost $57,696 and is not currently occupied – there is a lock box on the front door. Next to it is another house which cost $48,000 followed by a plot of land which cost $9,600. The other two houses are a bungalow which cost $38,464 and another home which cost $48,080

Judging by the pictures, it’s apparent Cardi and Offset do not plan to live in these homes– apparently, the investment company JMH Ventures, that they purchased the homes through also does not know their plans for the land and homes.

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