After Celebrating Her Birthday, A Woman And Her Husband Were Found Dead

Posted On : February 23, 2018

Memphis woman Regina Allen shared on Facebook that she was thankful to see another birthday. Regina Allen married Brandon Allen in 2014. While they had no children together, FOX13 shared that Brandon Allen was a father of three and had eight siblings. Close to his family, Brandon Allen wrote that he was blessed on his Facebook page.  Full of life, Regina shared photos and a video of a birthday gathering she had with her family and friends. Just 3 days after her 32nd birthday, Regina and Brandon Allen were found dead.

According to WREG News, Brandon and Regina Allen were found dead in their apartment. The body of Brandon Allen was found lying on the kitchen floor, and the body of his wife, Regina Allen, was found in the back bedroom. They were pronounced dead on the scene. Thankfully, the children were not home at the time of their deaths.

WREG News reports that police officers received a call that a robbery was taking place. Neighbors heard gunshots from the Allen’s apartment unit. When police officers arrived to the scene, the apartment was engulfed in flames. Brandon Allen’s father, DJ Hewlett spoke with WREG as he believed that his son and daughter-in-law were murdered and that the fire was an attempt to cover up evidence.

He had two boys. He was taking care and doing good for himself, but he wasn’t perfect, DJ Hewlett said to WREG.

Like Hewlett, police officers were wondering who started the fire as well as the cause of death for 34 year-old Brandon and Regina Allen. While Hewlett acknowledged that losing a loved one makes you angry, he cautioned his son’s friends to be wise.

To all of his friends, stay strong and don’t do anything stupid. I know you want revenge, but just let the authorities do their job.

Witnesses informed police officers that they noticed a man exiting through a window that was located in the Allen residence. When police officers arrived to the scene, they noticed 18 year-old Aareon Berryman running from the apartment building. Eventually, police officers apprehended Berryman and discovered that he was in possession of two guns, an extra loaded magazine and a bag containing two jars of marijuana, several prescription pill bottles and charcoal lighter fluid.

WREG News reports that Berryman reportedly confessed to robbing Brandon and Regina Allen. In addition to robbing them, it appears that Berryman confessed to murdering them and setting their apartment on fire. Berryman was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree murder in perpetration of especially aggravated robbery, especially aggravated robbery, aggravated arson, and possession of drugs.