Cheerleader’s Beautiful ‘Promposal’ Goes Viral After She Asks Her Wheelchair-Bound Friend To The School Dance

Posted On : May 4, 2018

Everyone should have a friend like Keyonna Moore.

The teen from D.C. wanted to do something nice for her friend and take him to his first ever school dance.

Her sweet ‘promposal’ has now gone viral – winning the the hearts of the internet.

The pretty cheerleader from Anacostia High School, already had a date for her prom.

But she decided to ask her close friend, Tyuan Malik Barbour.

Barbour, who was born with several disabilities and uses a wheelchair. He recently transferred to the school. 

But sadly, because of his disabilities he has been limited from doing a lot of things, including attending the school dance.

They Soon Became BFF’s

Moore told Fox5 DC that she quickly became friends with Barbour after he enrolled in her school. 

So when students started asking each other to the prom, she decided to ask him to be her date.

On Monday afternoon, Barbour was eating in the cafeteria. Moore walked in holding flowers and a giant purple sign that read: ‘Prom?’

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The Heartwarming Moment Was Captured On Film

Students captured the beautiful moment on camera.

Barbour’s surprise and then elation was clear to see when he realized he was being asking him to the prom.

As students in the cafeteria cheered, Barbour gave his friend a big ‘yes!’

‘I just wanted to show him that he matters and give him the attention and kindness that he deserves,’ Moore said. 

‘I believe that everyone should be treated like beautiful Kings and Queens.’