Fascinating: Despite Contracting HIV In ATL, Chicago Woman Reveals How She Found Love Again

Posted On : August 2, 2018

At the age of 22, Jessica Glaspie-Davis thought her life was over when she received some devastating news. After attending the doctor due to a nose injury, Jessica discovered that she had swollen lymph nodes as she was diagnosed with HIV. Despite her diagnosis, Jessica became an advocate for HIV awareness as she began living a healthy, normal life. In order to help others live with H.I.V., Jessica began speaking out publicly as she shared her story.

Chicago Woman Explains How She Contracted HIV In Atlanta:

Jessica Davis was from a suburb of Chicago but she decided to move to Atlanta. She had attended Southern Illinois University for three years which led to her receiving a job offer. After getting out of a bad relationship, Davis was ready for some new scenery.

Upon living in Atlanta, Davis went out with her friend who attended Clark Atlanta University. That same night, she met a man at a red light who peeked her interest and they began dating.

Davis was impressed with her new boyfriend as he spoiled her financially. In speaking with VLAD TV, Davis shared how money was no object as her boyfriend was constantly buying her things. During their relationship, Davis learned that her boyfriend lied about his age as well as his first name. She looked over those red flags until Davis’ before physically attacked her. At that point, Davis broke up with her boyfriend but she took him back 5 months later.

Jessica Davis shared her H.I.V. story with VLAD Tv.

At 22 Years Old, Jessica Learned Some Painful News That Would Change Her Life:

While Jessica Davis reignited her relationship with her former boyfriend, she got into a physical altercation with her roommate. During the fight, Davis’ nose was injured and she went to the hospital. While at the hospital, she was found to have swollen lymph nodes and diagnosed with H.I.V. After revealing to her mate that she was H.I.V. positive, she learned that he was H.I.V positive too. She was only 22 when she was diagnosed. Jessica had no idea how long her partner was living with H.I.V. but she would soon find out.

Davis shared that she never saw her boyfriend take his H.I.V. medicine. This surprised her because she took her medicine twice a day. In addition, Davis learned that he was cheating on her with other women despite his H.I.V. diagnosis. Davis was disappointed with her boyfriend but she believed that she wouldn’t be able to date anyone else due to her health. One day, she was complaining to one of her boyfriend’s relatives about his irresponsible behavior. That’s when Davis learned that her boyfriend was born with H.I.V. When he met her, he knew all along that he had the virus but he never told her.

Jessica Thought That Being HIV-Positive Meant That Her Life Was Over:

Living with H.I.V. in her twenties, posed as a challenge for Jessica. She had finally left her boyfriend for good as she decided to pursue completing her college degree. Back in Chicago, Jessica started dating again and she was always upfront about her H.I.V. status. Some men could handle it while some men could not.

Over the the next few years, though, I did have a few relationships. I always disclosed my HIV-positive status before I was sexually active with anyone. I could never put someone through what had happened to me. For some, the realization that I was HIV-positive was too much, and they didn’t want to continue dating me because it seemed too complicated or too risky. Those moments hurt, but I understood. For others, though, they asked questions about how we could continue our relationship without spreading HIV to them (my answer was simple: protected sex.) A few men realized I was worth sticking around for, and we always made sure to be extremely careful, Jessica Davis said to Women’s Health. 

Despite Her H.I.V. Status, Jessica Is Happily Married With Children:

Through Facebook, Jessica reconnected with her high school friend Jordan. Their conversation was perfect and they connected instantly. Jessica then felt comfortable to reveal to Jordan about her H.I.V. status. To her surprise, Jordan didn’t shun her and he asked her how she felt. However, there was one problem, Jordan lived in a different state. They continued their relationship until one day, Jessica asked him to be her date to an H.I.V awareness gala. Jordan said yes and traveled to Illinois. He’s been there ever since and he didn’t return home.

Posted by Jessica Glaspie on Sunday, May 6, 2018

Besides protected sex, Jessica learned that Jordan could protect himself from getting H.I.V. by taking PrEP, a once a day pill that, when used correctly, is almost 99 percent effective in fighting new HIV infections. Eventually, Jordan and Jessica became married and they also have 3 children.

Before I could be with Jordan, I had to be okay with myself, Jessica said to Women’s Health. I had to realize that I am so much more than my diagnosis, and people who have HIV deserve just as much happiness as people who don’t. This virus does not make you unloveable, and once I realized that, I was ready to find love.