As Their Children Slept In The Next Room, A Man Allegedly Murdered His Beautiful Wife

Posted On : November 6, 2017
Elanceia Gardner

Elanceia and Shalan Gardner were married and they reportedly had two children together. According to Elanceia’s mother, Neia Roland, the couple was separated and were going through a divorce. Sadly, while their children slept, Shalen allegedly murdered his wife, Elanceia.

Here’s What We Know:

According to Star Telegram, Elanceia Gardner’s  two children, ages 10 and 12, woke up to discover their mother deceased. Upon entering her room, the children found Elanceia Gardner unconscious in bed with blood around her mouth. Afraid, the children ran next door to alert a neighbor of what they found. In an effort to revive Elanceia, the neighbor reportedly performed CPR until the ambulance arrived. Sadly, their efforts were unsuccessful and Elanceia was pronounced dead at 8:37 a.m.

Shalan Gardner (right) is accused of allegedly murdering his wife, Elanceia, while their children slept.

Investigators reported that Shalan Gardner arrived to Elanceia’s home overcome with emotion as he cried hysterically and informed police that he was married to the victim. Shalan then revealed that he texted his estranged wife to ask her if he could charge his ankle monitor bracelet. Elanceia reportedly told him “no” as she allegedly had company in her home. Shalan claimed that he never entered Elanceia’s home. However, his ankle monitor told a different story.

A Fort Worth police SUV parked outside a home in Fairmount, Texas on Friday, one day after Elanceia Gardner, a 32-year-old woman, was found dead inside.

While adamant that he never entered his wife’s home, Shalan Gardner told investigators that he remained outside all night. However, he allegedly awoke to find that a black Honda that had been parked in the driveway along with his wife’s car was gone. Shalan claimed that he later walked to a nearby park and was picked up by his mother. Interestingly enough, a neighbor’s surveillance cameras showed no black Honda in the driveway that early morning.

With no concrete evidence that a black Honda was present, Star Telegram reported that Shalan had fresh scratches on his body, including near his right eye, and that his eyeglasses were damaged as if he’d been in a fight. In addition, police discovered that Gardner’s ankle monitor showed numerous GPS hits coming from inside the house between 12:50 and 7 a.m.

Shalen Gardner told police that he then spent the night on the porch and that he did not enter his wife’s home.

On Friday, Shalen Gardner was arrested. In police custody, he allegedly confessed that he had sexually assaulted and strangled his wife. This was not Gardner’s first offense with the law as court records show that Gardner threatened a family member at knifepoint in November 2010 and killed the family’s pit bull with a hammer five months later.

Gardner remains held in the Mansfield Jail on Monday with bail set at $100,000.

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