Ciara Forced To Drop Charges Against Future — Yet, It Ain’t Over

Posted On : October 21, 2016

Ciara is coming after Future with all she can muster. However, recently, she was forced to drop her libel suit against her ex-fiancé.

Here’s why.

The Pros and Cons of Success

As it pertains to Ciara’s case against Future, her position is valid. Her ex said some pretty harsh things about her — after the breakup. It’s undeniably marked within his lyrics.

In all sense of the situation, it’s libel. So, Ciara had every right to sue for defamation.

However, here’s where it gets technical.

Although Ciara might have experienced an attempt at character assassination, she doesn’t have any ground to file for “defamation.”

She’s too successful. Funny, right?

According to XXL, Ciara hasn’t been defamed by Future’s words. Quite the contrary, she’s making more money now than ever.

And, due to the technical nature of the particular type of filed suit, she would’ve had to encounter a financial loss of some sort. Given that she’s ballin’ without measure, it’s obvious this isn’t a case she could win.

“Since she’d have to offer hard proof that Future’s comments directly affected her income in a negative way, she’s dropping the claim because there simply is no evidence of that,” notes XXL.

Yet, do you think Ciara is giving up that easily? Of course not.

She seems determined to make Future literally pay for the things he’s said against her, as well as against new fiancé Russell Wilson.

Switching Gears

So, here’s what Ciara has in store for Future now that she’s dropped the defamation lawsuit.

Obviously, Future’s words impacted Ciara’s emotional drive to get even. You don’t say that type of stuff about someone and expect things to just “be cool.”

Ciara, now, is pursuing a “false light” lawsuit against Future.

This particular suit doesn’t require Ciara to be financially affected by the rapper’s words or actions.

The fact that he attempted to paint a false picture of her character is enough.

Another source states as follows concerning the lawsuit.

“Ciara’s lawyer, Larry Stein, just filed legal docs dismissing the remaining libel claim she filed after her ex said some choice things about her, including, ‘This b***h got control problems’,” notes TMZ.

“She could get money just for the heartache of it all. So the case goes on.”

Overall, that do you think will happen with the new Ciara/Future lawsuit? Feel free share your comments in the section below.

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