Here Comes Drama! Floyd Mayweather Sues His Ex-Girlfriend Miss Jackson

Posted On : December 1, 2017
Floyd Mayweather and Ms. Shantel Jackson

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is fighting back as he claims that his former girlfriend stole from him. Mayweather is taking his ex-girlfriend, Miss Shantel Jackson, to court as he claims that she is a thief. In case you missed it, Jackson is dating veteran rapper Nelly, and the two are featured on the E! show The Platinum Life, which follows famous musicians’ wives and girlfriends. Could it be that Mayweather is mad that she has moved on?

Here’s What We Know:

According to TMZ Sports, Jackson would reportedly go shopping with Mayweather’s credit cards without permission. In addition, Jackson allegedly helped herself to his money. Floyd claims that Jackson took advantage of him as she allegedly praised him in public while she secretly despised him. Mayweather stated that Jackson allegedly duped him into thinking he could trust her. Because Mayweather believed he could trust her, he allegedly didn’t audit or inspect either his cash or his credit card statements. While Mayweather claims that he was hoodwinked, it’s hard to believe as he once was filmed taking Jackson shopping. In the video, the flossy fighter spent $11,000 on a pair of shoes for Jackson.

See Floyd Take Shantel Shopping Below:

So if Floyd didn’t inspect his accounts, how did he find out that Jackson was allegedly stealing? According to the lawsuit, when a mutual friend told him she had been boasting about her alleged scheme. It appears that Mayweather’s lawsuit stemmed from Jackson’s lawsuit as she is suing Mayweather. Not to mention that Mayweather’s Beverly Hills mansion was recently burglarized. According to police, the thieves got away with luggage, sunglasses, and other accessories.

The retired boxer’s complaint alleges that Jackson (pictured together) would steal cash from his house and use credit cards to make purchases, which she then would hide from him.

In 2014, Jackson broke off things with Mayweather as he was allegedly abusive towards her. Hitting below the belt, the undefeated champion embarrassed Jackson on social media as he posted a sonogram of her pregnancy  claiming that they broke up because she allegedly aborted their twins.

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has a filed a lawsuit against his former fiancee Shantel Jackson, accusing her of theft. 

This could get ugly!

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!