Community Shows Love To A 74 Year-Old Homeless Woman Found In The Cold

Posted On : January 6, 2019

The community of South Dallas came together to show kindness to an elderly woman who was found in the cold. Ms. Ella McDonald is a 74 year-old woman who lives alone. It’s unclear where her family is but she’s an independent woman who is trying to make it. For the past 11 years, McDonald has lived in Eban Village Apartment Homes in Dallas, Texas on a fixed income. However, McDonald found herself outside in the cold with all of her belongings. The bills had gotten too high and she became overwhelmed. While McDonald tried to take care of herself, she soon realized that she needed help. As she watched over her things for hours, help began to arrive and McDonald soon discovered that he wasn’t alone after all.


74 Year-Old Woman Was Found On The Streets With Her Belongings

(Screenshot of Ella McDonald from WFAA News)

When Glinda Mixon-Russell went to go pick up Ella McDonald for her hair appointment, she couldn’t believe what she discovered. McDonald, who is 74, was alone in the cold with everything she owned surrounding her. With her belongings on the street, McDonald cried as she couldn’t understand the treatment she was receiving as a senior citizen. Mixon-Rusell, McDonald’s friend and hairdresser, didn’t know what was going on as she had never seen McDonald so upset.

“She was just in a rage, crying, and I had never seen her like that before,” Mixon-Russell said to WFAA.


Ella McDonald Soon Learned That She Wasn’t Alone

Glinda Mixon-Russell , Ella McDonald’s hairdresser, found her on the streets in the cold. (Screenshot of WFAA)

Glinda Mixon-Russell was heartbroken when she discovered her favorite client on the street. According to WFAA, Ella McDonald has lived at the Eban Village Apartment Homes over the last 11 years. On a fixed income, McDonald was originally paying $490 to live in the apartments until her rent had gone up. At least six months ago, her rent went up to over $700. On Friday morning, McDonald was met by a constable at her door. Her things were removed, and she was evicted.

Mixon-Russell decided to do something as she couldn’t just leave McDonald out in the cold.

“It was just so ugly the way this was done,” Glinda Mixon-Russell said to WFAA

Barely Surviving, Ella McDonald Struggled To Pay Her Rent

Ella McDonald has missed several rent payments (WFAA Screenshot)

It’s difficult witnessing a senior citizen out in the cold. However, the managers of McDonald’s apartment complex feel justified in their actions. According to WFAA, McDonald owes over $4,600. Managers stated that she’s missed rent too many times and that eviction was inevitable. Court documents show that the complex took McDonald to court to be evicted.

Yet in still, McDonald feels that the complex mistreated her and she believed something needed to be done.

Community In South Dallas Comes Together To Help Evicted Elderly Woman

Community in South Dallas came together to help evicted elderly woman (Screenshot from WFAA video)

When Glinda Mixon-Russell put the word out that her 74 year-old client was homeless, the community came together to help. Upon Mixon-Russell talking to neighbors, the community of South Dallas came together to provide food and water to McDonald. A local pastor came and offered his garage as a place of storage for her things. Additionally, the paramedics arrived to check McDonald’s vitals. Everyone worked together to assure McDonald that she was not alone.

By The End Of The Day, Ella McDonald Had A New Place To Live

An Go Fund Me was created to help Ella McDonald find a new place. (Screenshot of Go Fund Me Page)

Many people stopped by to show Ella McDonald kindness and to let her know that she wasn’t by herself. Ambrosia Wafer, who described herself as a concerned citizen, created a Go Fund Me page to help McDonald raise funds for a new home. Here’s what Wafer wrote on the Go Fund Me page.

I am a concerned neighbor that learned of one of our elders being put out into the COLD! Her name is Mrs. Ella McDonald and I don’t think she has any family being she didn’t mention any. If you could help  Mrs. Mcdonlad in any WAY please do so! I will keep you updated on DETAILS!!! THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE , PRAYERS & concerns. She’s located at 3011 Park Row ave. Dallas Texas 75216 PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD!

We Must Take Care Of Our Senior Citizens

Ella McDonald’s hairdresser made sure that she was ok. (WFAA screenshot)

Thankfully, Ella McDonald had someone in her life who cared about her. Mixon-Russell said McDonald will stay with her. But, she added that she’ll help her find a new home. What happened to McDonald is not unique as many senior citizens are left to fend for themselves. Ms. McDonald’s story is a reminder for us to care for the elderly.


See Her Story Below:

See Ella McDonald’s Touching Story Below: