Couple Has A Second Wedding Of Their Dreams After Being Made Fun On Social Media

Posted On : October 15, 2018

Posted by Shanda Golden on Sunday, September 23, 2018

Janae Sumler and her new hubby LaQuint Rhodes‘ wedding photos went viral, but for the wrong reasons. When Laquint and Janae Rhodes posted their photos on social media of their wedding, they went viral only because people were mocking their ceremony.

Here’s Why A Detroit Couple Was Mocked On Social Media:

Laquint and Janae Rhodes got married on September 22nd with all their friends and family present. Janae looked beautiful in her wedding dress and Laquint looked handsome in his tuxedo. Despite how great they looked, this didn’t stop people on social media from roasting their wedding.

While some weddings are held at extravagant places, the Rhodes wedding was held at a Detroit home on the front lawn of someone’s home. For them, it wasn’t about all the bells and whistles, Laquint and Janae were just focused on their love.

“Most of the time it’s about finances, it’s about the right venue, everything didn’t matter. We both woke up and were like let’s just do it,” Janae said to Fox 2 News. 

Some of their friends along with family members took photos of the memorable day and posted them online. Instead of receiving messages of well wishes, they received messages of criticism as people referred to their wedding as “hood” and “ghetto.”

Janae was beyond heartbroken at the criticism she received. While riding high from her wedding, Janae and Laquint’s 6-year-old was in the hospital. Janae took to Facebook to express her disappointment.

“Wow?We spent our wedding night in the hospital, me in my wedding dress & him in his suit, running off maybe 3 hours of sleep to celebrate our love for each other & have to get texts & come across this! It’s clear people will always have something negative to say about the next even when it has zero to do with them. Honestly, I’m disgusted? This is just sad. Anywho on our way back to the hospital.?”

The Couple Spent Their Honeymoon Night In The Hospital By The Bedside Of Their Daughter:

After Janae and Laquint were married, their 6-year-old had been in a swimming accident the night of the reception. On their wedding night, the couple prayed at the bedside of their daughter. They took to social media to ask for prayers and they soon learned that they had become the joke of the internet.

“We were hurt, we were confused, we were sad,” Janae said.

Staying away from social media, the Rhodes family put their energy into their daughter. Soon, their rainy days would become sunshine as a radio station wanted to give them a wedding of their dreams.

Radio Station Decided To Give A Detroit Couple A Wedding Of Their Dreams:

According to Fox 2 News, Internet radio show “Oh So Radio” heard about the debacle that the Rhodes couple faced online. Feeling horrible for them, the radio station wanted to make them feel like a king and queen for a day. Using their original wedding photos, “Oh So Radio” created a Facebook post to ask the city of Detroit to help. They wanted the wedding to be beautiful and memorable.

“I just spoke with the bride of this wedding. As we reported earlier, this couple got married over the weekend. These photos went viral of folks making fun of them but in reality their love is real. One of the couples children is hospitalized and fighting for her life. Right after their ceremony, they went back to be by her bedside. They actually were heading back to the hospital when we talked. 4 companies have donated services and 2 have committed to financial donations. We are organizing a wedding reception of a lifetime for this beautiful couple! Tag your favorite rapper, business or social media Detroiter and challenge them to ACCEPT the challenge!!”

With tears of joy, the Rhodes couple was blown away as they walked into the reception hall for the first time, where local businesses donated their services to make their second wedding unforgettable. All they could do was dance.

Groom LaQuint Rhodes & Bride Janae Rhodes!!??? #RhodesToForever #DetroitReceptionChallenge ??? #LoveWon

Posted by Janae Rhodes on Sunday, October 14, 2018

This time, their wedding photos went viral again, but for the right reasons.

“Oh my God, oh can’t nobody say anything about Detroit probably the last week we’ve been smiling non-stop, like a kid before Christmas, a kid on the first day of school that’s the best way to describe our emotions today,” Rhodes said.

The Rhodes say their 6-year old is back to normal, running around smiling. The couple also got an all-expenses paid trip to Montego Bay.

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