Cyn Santana Receives Backlash Over Her Comment On Black Men And Spanish Women

Posted On : January 10, 2019

While Referred To As Afro Latina, Cyn Santana Doesn’t Call Herself Black

The term Afro-Latino is a term some Latinos use as a way to identify their racial background but it’s one that still triggers a lot of confusion. When a follower expressed her disappointment in Santana as an Afro Latina, Santana owned that the term confused her.

Sharing that she had no problem identifying as a black women, Santana shared that she hesitated to call herself black out of fear of hurting someone.


Cyn Santana Pointed Out That Joe Does Cater To Her

When a twitter follower implied that Santana’s relationship was problematic, Santana quickly informed the woman of her ignorance. Santana revealed that Joe treats her amazingly.


Cyn Santana Is Happily Engaged To A Man That Loves Her


After enduring a rocky relationship with Erica Mena, Santana has finally found a person to love her the way she should be loved. Back in September, Santana said “yes” when her boyfriend of 2 years, Joe Budden asked to marry her. I guess Santana did find a man to cater to her that happens to be black.