Dame Dash To Turn Himself In Following Outstanding Warrants, Reportedly Owes Nearly $400K

Posted On : March 5, 2019
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Dame Dash to Spend Time Behind Bars?

Whew, instead of digging deeper into his pockets, it looks like the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder and  Rap Mogul, Dame Dash, will be turning himself to NYPD due to an outstanding three year old warrant, for failure to pay child support.

Dash is accused of owing around $400,000 to his exes Cindy Morales, the mother of his son, Lucky,  and Rachel Roy, the mother of his daughters, Ava and Tallulah.

According to TMZ, Dash explained the situation with both of his exes —he alleges that he gives both women money on a regular basis, including $150,000 for Morales to purchase a home. He also claims Roy cuts checks from him through the Rachel Roy Collection company that he co-owns with her. He even claims he has all the proof to back up his claims. Dash better bring those receipts!

More To Dame’s Baby Mama Drama

Aside from the child support issues, there is more to Dame’s baby mama drama. Adding to his legal affairs, Dash is currently in the process of buying out the whole Racheal Roy company, although  it’s unclear how that would work moving forward.

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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems!

Dash has insisted that he has complied with the law by making his necessary child support payments on time. When speaking exclusively with TMZ,  he stated “I’ll sit in jail for three or four days or whatever they want to accuse me of doing. I’m an innocent man, so there’s no reason for me not to go turn myself in,” declared Dame. “I’m sick of my name being compromised and I want my company back.” Are ya’ll calling BS or do you think Dash has been doing the right thing?

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Why Did Dash Wait So Long?

Dash didn’t just learn about these warrants three days ago. Wondering why Dash failed to stand before a judge for an outstanding child support warrant for three WHOLE YEARS? Well, Dash stated the warrants prevent him from traveling back to New York, and he’s just missing too many important events, even like family funerals.

Hopefully Dash will be able to resolve his legal woes soon, once and for all.