‘I Am Delivert’ Andrew Caldwell ‘Claps Back’ at Kim Burrell And Claims Her Husband Is Gay

Posted On : January 9, 2017

Andrew Caldwell, who became an internet sensation after claiming he was “delivert” from homosexuality, is back in the news again! This time he is coming for gospel singer and pastor Kim Burrell. 

Burrell, 44, who leads the Love & Liberty Fellowship Pentecostal Church in Houston, Texas, claims that while she loves the members of the LGBT community, she hates the homosexuality sin within them.

In a recent video, Burrell claims that she was called to do what God called her to do. Apparently, God called on her to expose Caldwell and megachurch Pastor Eddie Long for possessing a “perverted homosexual spirit”. She boldly states those men are an embarrass to the church.

The minute somebody comes up with a deaf and dumb spirit, a mute spirit, one that can’t even talk that has a perverted spirit saying that ‘I am delivered,’ he goes all the way to Jimmy Kimmel. You think the enemy is not trying to make a mockery of the church?” she asked her congregation.

Well, Mr. Delivert wasn’t feeling what Burrell had to say and he made a video of his own where he alleged that Burrell’s own husband, Joseph Wiley left her for a man.

In the video, Caldwell says the following:

That’s not right and that’s not holiness. So you went on publicly saying Mr. Delivert did what he did and said what he said. Well, first of all you should have prayed for me and wrote me out a check so I should have went to a speech therapy, that’s what you should have done. But not knowing that you’re a backslider, not knowing that you are not saved. And I’m going home and I’m gonna burn your CDs up. I’m sending them back to the pit of hell,” said Caldwell in the video posted to Facebook.

See the video below:

In short, Caldwell dropped a bombshell stating that how could Kim preach against homosexuality while her husband is allegedly gay.

Rumors have been speculating that Kim Burrell is divorcing her husband, Joseph ‘Jo Jo’ Wiley. Wiley is a musician as well. Allegedly, the couple has separated and Wiley is leaving on his own in Boston. It’s not clear if he lives alone or with his alleged lover. The reason behind their divorce hasn’t been shared.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!