Diddy Needs A New Girl, Cassie Flaunts New Boo

Posted On : January 6, 2019

New Year, New Boo. At least that seems to be the 2019 motto for Cassie Ventura, on-again, off-again girlfriend of Diddy. The ever-so-changing stop and go relationship of Cassie and Diddy though is of course not hot off the press news. The tea as to the pair this time however is how Cassie recently curved Diddy.

Everyone has seemingly witnessed Cassie, in the over the decade relationship with Diddy, play herself time and time again. For many women, who have probably been in similar f*ck boy situationships, it was a pleasant surprise to see Cassie is dating someone new. Only time will tell if Cassie and Diddy’s tumult relationship has truly come to a halt.

Are Cassie and Diddy, Done-Done???

The pair met through music producer, Ryan Leslie, after Diddy first heard Cassie’s radio single, “Me & U”. They kept their romantic relationship secret for many years.

Cassie’s Public Posting Shows She’s Moved On Despite History With Diddy

Following Cassie and Diddy’s most recent, October 2018 breakup, Cassie took a show and tell approach with her new boy toy, Alex Fine, (25 year old bullfighter and professional trainer), by posting to Instagram, a picture  the two posing with Cassie’s mother, and an additional picture of the two kissing!

Diddy Needs A Girl

Embarrassingly enough for Diddy, Fine was reportedly hired and paid for by  Diddy to be Cassie’s personal trainer. Adding further insult to injury, Cassie went public with her new boyfriend 1 day after what appeared to be attempts by Diddy to rekindle the flame. (Diddy expressed his love for his ex Cassie, by sharing an intimate photo of a smiling Cassie in a bath, with a big red heart emoji. He also tagged her.)


Some Fans Were Hopeful Cassie and Diddy Would Reunite

Despite Diddy’s multiple transgressions during the course of his relationship with Cassie ( amid rumors Diddy cheated with a young model, Jocelyn Chew), Cassie has with great maturity, put their differences aside and on the surface proved herself to be someone Diddy could count on.

With the unexpected death of Kim Porter, the mother of four of his children, 2018 was a trying year for Diddy. Following the death of Diddy’s ex, in November 2018, Diddy was seen reuniting with Cassie. Cassie even shared her heartfelt words for Porter on social media, during which she also praised Diddy for being a wonderful father to his six children. We will just have to wait and see if 2019 has anything more in store for the infamous couple Cassie and Diddy, or alternatively, if Diddy will need to created “Need a Girl” part 3.