Diddy Says That He Wants To Have Children With Cassie And That He Will Now Be A Good Boyfriend 90% Of The Time

Posted On : January 22, 2018

In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, Diddy revealed that he wants to have more children and that he wants to have them with longtime girlfriend Cassie. The 48-year-old mogul already has a tribe of six which includes Kim Porter’s son Quincy (fathered by Al B. Sure). But he loves children and wants to have at least two more in the future.

“Without a doubt, I love children,” Diddy said. “I could go to eight without a problem. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Whatever is supposed to happen in the future is going to happen, but that’s something that I want.”


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The hosts of the show admired how Diddy has been able to keep the mothers of his children happy and agreeable. Reflecting on an old interview where he vowed to be a great boyfriend 75 percent of the time, Diddy admitted that was a bad day all the way around and that he had to do some work to repair the damage. Announcing that Cassie would have to accept him being a cheater didn’t go over well with fans either.

But the reformed bad boy has always made sure that the women in his life were well taken care of and that he is respectful. Brother Love (who actually wants to just be called “Love”) has had a change of heart and carries a different energy these days. He wanted to invoke a spirit of unity within his family and managed to bring his girlfriend plus his children and their mothers all under one roof for the holidays and for years to come. the feat was a long time in the making.

“That probably just happened this year with everyone, the whole squad,” Diddy explained. “You have to start to treat your family like a tribe if you have other mothers of your children. The separatism starts to wear on the family as a whole. We all in it together. So, we might as well figure out how to co-exist, and they get along lovely. Laughing and talking and partying and dancing and chilling and shopping.”

It sounds like Diddy is setting the stage for his family’s expansion as it has been a long time since a new baby has entered the fold.. With Cassie at 31 years old and Diddy now vowing to be a great boyfriend 90 percent of the time, a baby could be in the works. He sounded pleased with the choices he has made in the women who have already borne his children: Misa Hylton, Kim Porter, and Sarah Chapman.

“Everything is good because they’re good people too,” Diddy said. “And Cassie’s a great woman. It wasn’t anyone versus anybody. It was just about honesty and making sure everybody’s clear. There were no problems because everybody’s very respectful as women. Just as themselves, they’re not really into fighting or beefing.”