Distraught Woman Shoots Pastor And His Wife While Screaming ‘You Broke My Heart’, Pastor Dies

Posted On : April 12, 2019

Sometimes affairs can turn deadly, leaving a multitude of broken people and shattered dreams in the aftermath of its conclusion. This was certainly the case for a married pastor in Tennessee who allegedly entered into an extramarital affair with a woman who decided to take matters into her own hands once the affair had come to an abrupt end.

The Three Knew Each Other For Years

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Pastor Brodes Perry, his wife Tabatha and Latoshia Daniels all met each other in Little Rock, Arkansas before the Perry’s relocated to Collierville, Tennessee where Brodes eventually became executive pastor at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church. According to Q13Fox, for whatever reason, last Thursday night Daniels drove all the way from Little Rock, AR to the Meridian Apartments, where the Perry’s resided, in Collierville, TN.

Upon arrival Tabatha, who remembered Daniels from Little Rock, admitted her into their apartment which is when she noticed Brodes and pulled out a handgun. Instantly, she opened fire by shooting at Brodes and screaming “You broke my heart!”. In an attempt to protect her husband Tabatha knelt down beside him. Daniels instructed Tabatha to move but when she didn’t she ended up shooting Tabatha in the left shoulder.

The Police Arrives On Scene

When police arrived on the scene Daniels was still holding the gun and refused to let go, though she was eventually arrested. The Perry’s were rushed to Regional Medical Center where Brodes died later. And adding insult to injury, prior to their hospital visit Tabatha relayed to the police that she was unaware of any potential affair taking place between Daniels or her husband, which makes this story even sadder.  Also, Daniels assaulted a police officer while at the hospital and tried to flee the scene but was eventually apprehended by force. And finally, the ironic twist to this tale is that Latoshia Daniels is a licensed social worker who specializes in anger management.

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