Update: Father Of Beautiful Murdered Nigerian Singer Reveals Disturbing Details About Her Rich Husband

Posted On : April 9, 2018

A Nigerian community is shocked and devastated by the murders of a known Nigerian singer and her beautiful 4-year-old daughter. According to Essence, on Thursday, April 5, the bodies of Zainab Ali-Nielsen – widely known by her stage name Alizee – and her daughter, Petra, were found in the kitchen of their home on Banana Island.

Details On What Happened Here

The Murders:

Reports suggest the two were murdered by Alizee’s husband, Peter Nielsen Schau, a Danish billionaire. The circumstances surrounding Alizee’s death remain unknown, but her father has revealed she did suffer domestic violence at the hands of her husband. During an interview with Sunday Scoop, Alizee’s father, Ali Madaki, shared details about the couple. Madaki admitted that the two initially seemed like a good match as Schau appeared to be a man of good character. But over time, he began to see a dark side that he did not like. Madaki revealed Schau had begun abusing his daughter severely beating her to the point where she was in a coma. “I have known my late daughter’s husband for over seven years now. At the outset, he was of good character but last year, he started fighting his wife. Last November, a case was reported at the police station when he beat her to a coma. He then wrote an undertaking that he would never batter her again.”

Madaki went on to discuss the conversation he had with Schau the day his daughter and granddaughter’s bodies were found inside the home. On Thursday morning, he called me; I was in Abuja. Since I missed his calls, I called back and he told me he saw my daughter and granddaughter on the floor in the kitchen. I asked what went wrong; he didn’t say a word and dropped the call. One of my two daughters staying with them called their mother and broke the news. We took the next flight to Lagos and found out she was dead truly. I didn’t even know my grandchild was dead too. I told my daughter to get Petra for me and we should go, then she told me she was dead too. I was shocked. The husband claimed it was gas suffocation that killed them. We know that gas doesn’t kill people that way. In the pictures, you would see bruises all over their bodies. They were strangled to death. I strongly believe he did it because their compound is highly secured. Whenever I visited them, the security operatives had to confirm my visit with them before I would be allowed in.”

A Life Cut Short:

The latest reports about Alizee’s death follow a string of reports about her career. The singer had definitely made a name for herself with a strong fanbase in Nigeria and she was in the process of furthering her career. Last year, the singer signed a record deal with Petra Entertainment. According to Pulse, the deal included a brand new Ford Explorer, international distribution with affiliates of her record company in Asia, and unfortunately the home on Banana Island where she and her daughter were ultimately killed. During a previous interview, Alizee shared her reaction to the new record deal.

“It’s been a long time coming and I’m really happy this deal came through. From now on it can and will only get better. The decision to sign a deal with Petra Entertainment is appropriate and with technical brains like Kaycee and his team-leading affairs, I’m confident the outcome will surely meet yield a positive result.”

After reports surfaced about Alizee’s death, her management company released a statement reacting to her death. The company also reiterated details about the murders that have been reported. “It’s really a shocking and sad development,” the singer’s management company confirmed in a statement. “We all woke up to the sad news of her death this morning and to find out that the homicide was committed by her husband makes it all the more sad. The Police has been brought in to the case and we’ll share more details as we get them.”