Troubling Video Surfaces Of Timbaland Speaking On Aaliyah

Posted On : January 5, 2019

Disturbing Video Of Timbaland Discussing Aaliyah Surfaces Amid ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Premiere

With the premiere of Surviving R. Kelly, it was inevitable that Aaliyah’s name was going to be discussed. She was R. Kelley’s protege and at one point she was allegedly his wife. If that rumor wasn’t disturbing enough, more information surfaced that made many of us grab our pearls and cover our faces in sadness. During the early stages of her career, it appears that Aaliyah’s relationship with R. Kelly was more inappropriate than we thought. Now, a video of music producer Timbalandanother man that was pivotal in Aaliyah’s career, has surfaced of him stating some disturbing things as he fawned over his “one and a million”.

In the video, reflecting on him first meeting Aaliyah, he stated, “It’s time for the world to hear this…”

Timbaland Confessed That He Was In Love With Aaliyah

In a video dug up from the archives, music producer Timbaland is seen fawning about his “one in a million” star. Stating that it was time for the world to hear this, Timbaland revealed that he was ready to let the world in on a secret. Like R. Kelly, when he first met Aaliyah, he was in love with her too. Surprisingly, in the video, Timbaland revealed that he was fighting back his feelings for the young starlet.

“When I first met Aaliyah, I was in love with her, but she’s just a baby & I’m old, so I’m just gon’ be her brother. I was fighting, I was fighting a big war.”

Timbaland Had To Fight Off His Love For Aaliyah

It’s no secret that Timbaland loved Aaliyah. She had a magical presence about herself that attracted the hearts of many. In the video below, Timbaland candidly admits that he loved her upon first meeting her.

Timbaland Loved Aaliyah But He Suppressed His Feelings

Unlike R. Kelly, Timbaland may have been in love with Aaliyah but there is no knowledge of him acting on those feelings. It’s tragic that, just as disturbing revelations are being brought to light, the beloved star isn’t even here to defend herself or speak her truth. To keep her name from being sullied, her mother responded to the R. Kelly rumors but no one has commented yet on her relationship with Timbaland.

Like R. Kelly, Timbaland And Missy Helped Aaliyah’s Career Thrive

Aaliyah, Timbaland, and Missy had a great bond as they thrived together musically. Aaliyah has been credited for helping Missy and Timbaland to be noticed as she worked with them when they were first starting out. Missy and Timbaland produced Aaliyah’s album, One In A Million, and the album One in a Million has sold over three million copies in the United States and 8 million copies worldwide. Their relationship was like family and Missy shared how positive Aaliyah was.

She was positive. I don’t ever want to bring controversy around her name, Missy said of Aaliyah in an MTV interview.

Timbaland Went Into A Deep Depression After Aaliyah Died

In an interview with The Meredith Vieira Show,Timbaland revealed that while he didn’t have suicidal thoughts, he was deeply depressed over Aaliyah’s death as he didn’t feel motivated. He loved her like a sister and his death saddened him deeply. Prayer helped him get over his depression.

Timbaland’s Wife Bears A Strong Resemblance To Aaliyah

According to Express UK, Timbaland explained how the woman he married initially caught his attention. When Timbaland first laid eyes on music executive, Monique Idlett, she reminded him of Aaliyah. The two met in Jamaica while attending a music event.

“When I first saw her, I said, ‘That’s the girl I’m gonna marry’, because she reminded me of Aaliyah… I thought I saw a ghost. I said, ‘Oh my goodness, do you see what I’m seeing? I ain’t crazy!’”

The couple married in 2008 and they have one daughter together. However, their marriage didn’t last as Timbaland and Monique are headed for divorce for the second time. In 2016, Monique filed for divorce.

Timbaland Felt Like Lifetime Disrespected Aaliyah

When the Aaliyah Lifetime biopic was air, Timbaland wasn’t in support of the project as he felt as if Lifetime disrespected the late star. He has yet to comment on the news that Aailyah was allegedly engaged in sexual acts with R. Kelly on a tour bus.