Ed Hartwell Sues Keisha Knight After Appearing With Cosby In Court, Here’s What She Violated

Posted On : June 10, 2017
Ed Hartwell and Keisha Knight Pulliam

The Saga Continues

Ed Hartwell and Keisha Knight Pulliam, can’t seem to keep it together. Every since the two parted ways when she became pregnant with a baby that Hartwell, openly did not want, it has been war.  As reported on TMZ, Pulliam’s decision to attend Bill Cosby’s court appointments, it may not have been in her best interest to travel outside the state when she is having baby-daddy drama. Pulliam’s decision to attend Cosby’s sexual assault trial did not sit well with Hartwell as he described her actions as ‘selfish’ and in violation of their custody agreement as reported by the source.

Reportedly, Hartwell alleges that there are legal documents outlining his visitations with their daughter Ella Grace, who he alleges he can see for only one measly hour two times a week.

He takes issue with the fact of Keisha traveling out of state to support Cosby on the kick off of his trial. Being that Keisha was out of the area, she did not afford him the opportunity to spend time with Ella Grace on Tuesday, the day he was supposed to see her.

Pulliam violated the agreement that was in place and he wants another day in place of the day he missed.

Hartwell feels he shouldn’t have to wait for it according to the source. In addition to operating outside the guidelines that where in place, he wants her to fork over the money he will pay for court and lawyer expenses.

Ed and Keisha in good times and bad.

Short Stop

It seems like only hours after Ed Hartwell and Keisha Knight Pulliam said their ‘I do’s” its been war ever since. Back in March, Hartwell expressed his desire to have joint custody of their daughter. He put people in place that willingly could vouch for his character. One being his ex-wife Lisa Wu.

Reportedly, Keisha is being very protective of their daughter Ella Grace, claiming during her pregnancy, Ed tried to stress her out to the point of a miscarriage, something that he adamantly denies, according to TMZ. Considering that he left her after she announced she was with child and to follow-up with doubts the child is his. I can see why Keisha is handling him with a long wooden spoon.

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