Eva Marcille & Her Beau Mike Sterling Debut Photos Of Their Adorable Newborn Son

Posted On : August 1, 2018

Eva Marcille is a happy woman these days and it’s quite obvious things are also great on the homefront. By now, most fans know the famed model/actor and her man Mike Sterling recently welcomed a son. Now, they’ve shared a photo of their little man for the first time ever. The beautiful family photo has quickly gone viral on social media.

A Beautiful Family:

According to Essence magazine, Eva and Mike took to Instagram with a family portrait with their two children. Dressed in blue jeans, the beautiful family smiled for the camera but most fans couldn’t help but notice the adorable little guy in the photo. For most fans, Mike Jr.’s stunning blue eyes were the most captivating element of the photo.

Check out their family portrait:

Our little tribe? thanks @joecarlosphotography this is Mikey’s online debut?

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Fans React:

Shortly after Eva posted the family photo, fans began sharing comments to congratulate the former Next Top Model star and her man. Lots of fans also doted on the couple’s adorable children. One fan commented, “I logged into Photobucket just to see some old pics and when I did … I had all your pictures and red carpet pics. I had even cut my hair to look like you when I was 17-18 (I’m 30 now). I just can’t believe how gorgeous you still are. You look exactly the same and absolutely beautiful. Now you created this beautiful family to match. Anyone in my family would tell you how much I followed everything you were in lol. Anyway, congrats on your success and beautiful family.” Another fan wrote, “Such a BEAUTIFUL tribe. Beautiful & Handsome parents; Gorgeous Children. God Bless the Family…” and hundreds of other fans agreed.

Sunshine After the Rain:

The latest news follows Eva Marcille’s drama with her ex Kevin McCall, also the father of her daughter, Marley. When Eva announced her pregnancy, the popular music producer wasn’t too thrilled. It was obvious Kevin was all in his feelings because he bashed her man Mike and shared memories about her previous pregnancy with their daughter. For those who missed that drama, Kevin took to Instagram with a string of disturbing posts and, at one point, he took his rant a step further by disowning his daughter.
In a nutshell, Kevin claimed Mike was making such an effort to be a father to his daughter, he and Eva could raise her without him. Most fans agreed he took things way too far. But despite his efforts to get under Eva’s skin, she made it clear she was completely unbothered and quite happy with her new life. In fact, Eva recently took to Instagram for Father’s Day to thank Mike for being the man he is for her and her children. With the candid photo of him and the children, she wrote a lengthy post expressing her love and appreciation for him. Based on Eva’s post, it’s quite obvious Mike is a hands-on father, making time for his wife and children. From helping around the house to school activities and other events, Eva admitted his devotion is more than she could have dreamed for. “The commitment and dedication you show to our family every single day is mind-blowing…” Eva wrote, adding, “The way you love US is gentle and constant and for all of these things and so much more I Thank You.”
Congratulations again to Eva Marcille and Mike Sterling.