Their Facebook Posts Indicated Problems. Now, A Beautiful Wife Is Dead By The Hands Of Husband

Posted On : December 17, 2016

Cora Campbell, a 32 year-old woman from Toldeo, Ohio, tried to save her life but the police got there too late.

According to WTOL, the beautiful, talented hair stylist called the police to inform them that her husband, Terry Campbell, had a gun to her head around 1 a.m.

Cora Corbin, 32 (Source: Facebook)
Cora Corbin, 32 (Source: Facebook)

The 911 Call Disconnected:

Then, the 911 dispatcher heard a dial tone. When the police arrived to the Campbell residence, they heard gun shots and observed Terry Campbell outside. Once spotted by the police, he ran back inside.


A negotiator was called and after several hours, the negotiator, along with the police car began yelling “Terry” on the speaker system to get him to come out. Police officers told them that it wasn’t too late and that they could speak about what he had done.

She Was Shot Several Times:

Finally, when police got inside, they found Cora’s body shot multiple times, according to court documents. Sadly, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Campbell is now being held at the Lucas County Jail on a murder charge.

The couple’s 10-month-old baby was also inside during the standoff. The child is now safe and in the family’s custody. The couple also has an eight-year-old son. He is also safe.


Police don’t know what caused Terry Campbell to murder his wife. Her Facebook page was full of romantic pictures and  posts where Cora openly declared her love for her husband. Yet, WTOL also reported that Terry Campbell had a an extensive criminal history. He had been charged and found guilty to several charges including assault and domestic violence.

Was Cora smiling to hide her pain? Then, the last Facebook pages that both Cora and Terry Campbell wrote paint a picture of lies, hurt, and deceit.



Many people have expressed their sadness and disbelief about a couple many believed to be picture perfect. What is even more tragic, is that Cora’s children have lost their mother, a woman by all accounts who loved them so much.


Just last month, Terry Campbell had his first pretrial hearing for a man accused of murdering his wife during a standoff with police. We will continue to follow this trail as it develops.

Campbell has a history of domestic violence and assault.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!