Did Keyshia Ka’oir And Gucci Mane Just Secretly Share Photos Of Her 3 Children?

Posted On : October 22, 2017
Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane

After much speculation about the location of Keyshia Ka’oir’s children, the newly wed posted a photo of her two daughters as well as Gucci Man posted a photo of her son.

Here’s What Happened:

Before Keyshia Ka’oir could marry the man of her dreams, Gucci Mane, there were rumors flying that she wasn’t being completely honest. Rumors were flying that Ka’oir was allegedly hiding her three children in Jamaica. After Gucci and Keyshia tied the knot in an all white star-studded event, the rumors about her hidden children didn’t go away. They resurfaced by old-school rapper, Khia.

Popular transgender woman, TS Madison, and Miami female rapper, Khia, had A LOT to say about Keyshia Ka’oir’s alleged children. On their show called ‘Queens Court,’ the ladies held a mock court session where they discussed the location of Ka’oir’s secret children. Recently, the Miami rapper shared that she couldn’t understand why Keyshia Ka’oir’s secret children were allegedly not present at the wedding. Khia claimed that she heard from sources that Keyshia Ka’oir reportedly  abandoned her children and she wanted to know why they were never around.

Not only was Khia questioning where Ka’oir’s alleged children were but other social media followers joined in on the conversation as they wondered why Keyshia never included her children.


Mrs. Davis stepped away from her husband for a few moments to address her haters. Reportedly fed up with the rumors, the newly married entrepreneur took to Twitter to finally address the rumor that she’s hiding her three children.

Secretly Hidden In Photos?

To further show the world that she is not ashamed of her children, Fameolous revealed that Keyshia Ka’oir posted her two daughters on her Instagram page after many people questioned her on the issue. While Keyshia did not specifically point them out in her caption, many of her followers commented that her daughters were included in her bridal party. According to reports, her alleged daughter Dior is next to her and her other daughter is to the far right. The site also reported thatGucci  Mane posted Keyshia’s son on his page. The son is to the far right of the photo. None of this has been confirmed by either Keyshia Ka’oir or Gucci Mane.


The Groomsmen looking sharp thanks @hideokibespoke for making our suits! 10/17/17 1017

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Normally, Keyshia Ka’oir has kept her private life pretty quiet when it comes to discussing her family. However, Ka’oir also posted a beautiful video of her late father with Beyonce’s song, ” My Daddy” in the background. In the caption, she shared that her father was in Heaven and that her husband resembled her father. Ka’oir called her late father and husband, her Aquarian Kings.

Remember…Love has the power to heal or kill… Always proceed with caution!