Fans Reacts to Scrappy’s Response to Co-Parenting with Ex, Erica Dixon

Posted On : May 14, 2019

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is back and last night’s episode shed some light on the relationship between Scrappy, the mother of his first child Erica Dixon and how things have been since Scrappy has been married to Bambi.

Apparently Scrappy and Erica had a decent co-parenting relationship prior to him marrying off-and-on again fiance’ Bambi. Erica and Bambi did not have the best of relationships while Bambi was dating Scrappy but Bambi showed care for his daughter Emani he has with Erica.

Regarding their present speaking terms Erica admits, “Scrappy and I only communicate via text message,” she said in a confessional. “Before, if Bambi wasn’t around, you wanted to hold a conversation and talk. And then all of a sudden when she’s around, you don’t want to speak. You don’t want to say nothing. Eventually, that turned into no communication, period. Everybody needs to be able to communicate with each other for the better good of Emani.”

Erica even tried to have Scrappy’s prying mother Momma Dee hold a sit down with all of them to discuss the lack of communication and a better co-parenting strategy and she said she tried in the past.

“I reached out to Scrappy, too and I’m like, ‘Hey we all like need to have a conversation,’” she said. “He was like, ‘I asked her, and she was like, she don’t think we need to sit down and talk to you.’ I was like, OK.”

Either way, Mamma Dee still tried to help the situation and visited Scrappy and Bambi and this is what Scrappy had to say:

“If mom wants to be friends with Erica, that’s great, but over here, with me and Bam? Man, we’re straight,” he said in his confessional. “There’s nothing that I have to say to Erica. There’s nothing that she has to say to me. I pay the State, the State pay her. What else do you need?”

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fan’s weren’t feeling his response.

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