After Father’s Day Post To Fabolous, Emily B. Claps Back At Fans For Bashing Her

Posted On : June 19, 2018

Over the weekend, Fabolous and Emily B. turned heads yet again, but this time around, she wasn’t for the comments. Like most people, Emily and Fabolous celebrated Father’s Day. So, of course, she took to Instagram with a post of her man wishing him a Happy Father’s Day. You can probably guess how most fans responded. They weren’t interested in hearing or seeing anything about Fabolous due to his abusive past. To most fans, Fabolous’ past is dangerously close to the present but Emily B. had a surprising response to all of the backlash and everyone is shakin’ their heads.

Father’s Day Fireworks:

According to Bossip, things went all the way left when Emily B. took to Instagram to wish Fab a Happy Father’s Day. On Sunday, June 17, Emily took to Instagram with a post dedicated to Fabolous. Regardless of their ups and downs, it looks like Emily B. was determined to make the best of her man’s big day. But despite the rapper’s relationship with his kids, an overwhelming number of fans argue that some people just don’t deserve to be doted on. Fabolous happens to be one of those people. As if expecting negative comments and critical responses, Emily followed up with another message post that read, “If you say one negative thing on my page or even like a negative comment, I will block you.”

#EmilyB said she’s not having it no more??‍♀️ #PositiveVibesOnly

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She also posted a photo of her father and Fab, which also left fans very confused. Since her father was one of the man people ready to take Fab’s head off when he assaulted Emily, fans were quite surprised to see the two men photographed together.

Fans’ Reactions:

Although Emily has made it quite difficult for fans to respond, that hasn’t stopped them from discussing the situation elsewhere. To most people, the Father’s Day posts are a bit disheartening for various reasons. Many social media users admitted that these particular cases ultimately require people to mind their own business but looking the other way often leads to worse occurrences later on down the line. Despite Emily B.’s clap back, many fans just can’t understand how she could stand by a man who allegedly knocked her from teeth out. It’s no secret every couple argues, but fans are convinced Fabolous took things way too far. People have even expressed how difficult it is to feel sorry for Emily now. “It’s hard to continue to be someone’s friend because of shît like that. I can’t be involved with stupidity too long. Some people need conflict, which is crazy but hey to each it’s own,” one person wrote.

But a few other fans see the situation differently. “Yeah, but then they need to keep their business to themselves. This girl is about that life because, clearly, these are the values with which she was raised. Wonder how often she watched her mother get her zza beat, then act like it was all good with the very man standing there ‘peacefully’ with her abuser? And, she sure does have enough mouth to go in on people making negative comments. The dumb zza bish should channel up some of that strength to respect herself and walk away from that ish.”

The latest news follows a string of reports about Fabolous and Emily B.’s explosive arguments and the alleged physical assault. For those who missed all that drama, the whole month of March was quite rough for the on-again, off-again couple. But it didn’t take long for them to bounce back. By April, they were already back together. Unfortuantely, it looks like this will be a recurring cycle. Best of luck to Fabolous and Emily.