Former NBA Star Amar’e Stoudemire Is Being Sued By A Woman He Had An Affair With

Posted On : August 9, 2017
Amar’e and Alexis Welch began dating in 2002, became engaged in May 2012 and married that same year. They have four children. During their marriage, Amar’e had an affair.

Miami woman, 36 year-old  Quynn Lovett, claims that she had an affair with former NBA star, Amar’e Stoudemire when he played with the Miami Heat. According to the Daily Mail, Lovett is asking a Florida judge to officially declare that Stoudemire is the father of her daughter,  Zoe Renee. In addition, Lovett also wants permanent child support as well as full custody, the paperwork shows.

Quynn Lovett, 36, wants permanent child support as well as full custody of Zoe Renee, who was born in July, 2016.

Despite the fact that Stoudemire  has been married to his beautiful wife, Alexis Welch, since 2012, he has admitted to having a fling with Lovett. The New Post stated that Stoudemire acknowledged that it’s a possibility that he could be the father of little Zoe Renee and is paying $4,333 a month in temporary child support as a result. Stoudemire claims he established regular child support payments on Nov. 1, 2016 and Zoe was born in July 2016. Currently, Stoudemire already has 4 children with his wife. While Stoudemire has admitted that he knows about Zoe, Lovett claims that he doesn’t come see her.

Stoudemire married Alexis Welch on on the rooftop of their Greenwich Village apartment on December 12, 2012.

In her complaint, Lovett claims that Stoudemire has not been involved with the child, has not visited and hasn’t paid any of her maternity bills, which she estimated to be around $11,000. However, Stoudemire countered her claims by stating that has been paying Lovett ‘various amounts,’ including $22,500 in legal bills. This isn’t the first time Lovett has gone after Stoudemire. The Massachusetts native originally filed documents in her home state last November, though the case was ultimately dismissed in March. So, she filed a month later in Florida.

After leaving the Heat in June of 2016, Stoudemire signed a two-year deal to play for the Israeli professional league team of Jerusalem. Stoudemire helped his team to an Israel championship and he has applied for Israel citizenship. According to Stoudemire, leaving in Jersusalem is a dream come true as he is happy living in the “holy land”. Maybe with this newfound spiritual awareness, he’ll start a relationship with Zoe if he is indeed the father.

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