Former NFL Star Eddie George Shares How He Damaged His Wife And Family

Posted On : May 14, 2018

Former NFL football player Eddie George and SWV singer Tamara “Taj”Johnson have been together for a long time. They are a perfect example of Black Love. The couple married in 2004 yet they still find time for date nights. For the most part, Eddie George and Taj stay out of the limelight. However, the couple opened up about their relationship as they were featured on the upcoming season of Black Love Doc on OWN.

Black Love highlights stories from the black community as they answer the question that we all want to know, What is the secret to making a marriage work? After 14 years of marriage and being together for over 20 years, it seems like Taj and Eddie George know the answer to the long kept secret. 

Here’s How Former NFL Running Back Eddie George Met His Future Wife, Taj Johnson:

Back in the day, Eddie George was the man! Before he played professionally for the Tennessee Titans, George was an outstanding college football player as he was the recipient of the Heisman Trophy, an annual award that goes out to the most outstanding player in college football. To celebrate the prestigious win, George decided to hang out with his friends. As he was hanging out, George recognized a beautiful face that had dissed him in the past.

We were in New York City, I’d just won the Heisman Trophy. Fresh off of television, just won it feeling good about life with my boys from Philly,George  recalled. I notice that a group of girls walk by and I noticed Taj and I said, oh man, that’s Taj from SWV who played me last year and I’m going to see how this works out.

As Eddie George was hanging out with his friends, he ran into Taj from SWV as she was partying with her friends. In meeting before, Taj didn’t seem interested in Eddie. However, that didn’t stop Eddie from wanting to meet her. Deciding to play it cool, Eddie was waiting for the right moment to approach Taj but suddenly the opportunity presented itself.

I just stand there, I didn’t do anything just holding my ground and I get a little tap on the shoulder and it was her friend and her friend said ‘my girlfriend wants to meet you.’ So I walk on over and it was her! And I immediately say to her, so I met you last year at this time, George recalled on Black Love.

In the clip, Taj defended herself by stating that she didn’t know who Eddie George was as she didn’t follow football. However, their relationship must have been meet to be as they met the second time and they have remained inseparable.

Despite The Ups And Downs, Taj And Eddie Have Weathered The Storm:

While Taj and Eddie are in a good place now, their marriage hasn’t always been perfect. In fact, Taj and Eddie have had their share of rainy days. Back in 2012, there were rumors that Eddie was cheating on Taj with pro-golfer, Rachel Connor. The former Tennessee Titans star running back was riding in the passenger seat with Connor when she was pulled over after 2 a.m. in Sarasota, Florida. However, he insisted that he was not cheating on his wife. It’s quite possible that Eddie wasn’t cheating on Taj but he admitted that he struggled with making good choices in his marriage.

The way my career ended had an impact on me the first few years because I had no idea what to do next, George told Jim Wyatt of theTennessean. I was fighting demons and trying to get a peace of mind that did damage to me and my family, my wife. Hanging out and chasing (women) and all the wrong things. All the things that served me as a player didn’t serve me as a man who’s 36, 37 years old trying to redefine himself. Something had to change in me.

Two years after the alleged incident, Taj and Eddie proved that love conquers all as the couple renewed their marital vows in 2014. It’s great to see black couples in Hollywood beating the odds. We’re glad these two found their way to each other. The couple also have a teenage son together named, Eriq. Jaire George, is Eddie’s son from a previous relationship and Taj refers to him as her older son.